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Jeep Improved Standing With Massive 2022

Written By, Brad R

As we look back on a stellar year for the Jeep brand, the future is just as remarkable for the upcoming Jeep collection. Creating and diving into other segments and offering a larger portfolio the automaker has a lot prepared for buyers in the new year. Consider the Jeep Cherokee L, the newest Jeep vehicle added to the ever-growing Jeep SUV family. Ending out the year with an unexpected surprise, Jeep now offers the famous Wrangler with a new High Tide 20th anniversary edition. Allow us to share what buyers can expect to see next year and highlight our most noteworthy Jeep headlines from a banner 2022 model year!

Jeep Surges Ahead Into 2023

Certainly, Jeep and parent company Stellantis are looking at the year-to-year growth of the brand. Jeep has decided to make changes to excite buyers and will do more of this in 2023. Beloved Jeep fans will get an opportunity to name the Wrangler in 2023 with an interactive contest for the forthcoming 2024 Jeep Wrangler mid-size SUV. Those who head Jeep were set on making a huge splash next year with the new 2024 Jeep vehicles playing a solid role in plans of the brand. Expanding through Europe and building up the brand back home is the goal with a focus on global sales. Consider the goals of the Jeep pickup, the Gladiator and its next-generation as a capable answer for buyers to think of what the future holds for the brand. Jeep offered the first-ever Freedom Edition for both the Gladiator and Wrangler this year.

Some of the Surprises Jeep In 2022

The all-new Jeep Avenger is arriving as an well-built, fully-functioning EV juggernaut. Jeep will continue to iron out and innovate in the electric vehicle space that is on the forefront of a massive takeover. The quarterly sales show the Jeep 4xe sales of both the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee models has been just what the brand anticipated.

Perks of the Brand In 2022

We truly loved when Jeep earned an award for having one of the top ten pet friendly rides for our furry animal friends. As another year has flown by as we say farewell to 2022, we can be grateful Jeep again partnered with Product Red to produce a new edition for the newest Jeep Renegade compact SUV. And without a doubt, our favorite was the truth to the rumor that went around and debuted in the Jeep Magneto concept and now we have a Magneto 2.0 concept that moved the boundaries with a near preposterous 0-60 mph speed of just 2 seconds! We hope to get our hands on that Jeep Wrangler Magneto Edition this decade. Talk to us right now to get a new Jeep vehicle from us and begin 2023 with a modern and stellar Jeep ride from NowCar. 

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