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Jeep Asks Fans To Name Next Wagoneer SUV Offering

Written By, Brad R

Jeep holds the keys to the future of the brand. They have started the process of letting customers enter a contest to name the next Jeep Wagoneer luxury SUV. Earlier this year in September, the Jeep® brand launched a “4xe Day” presentation to guide customers on their plans for the future. Jeep reported a comprehensive plan for its successive generation of completely electric 4xe vehicles as part of a giant transformation to evolve the ultimate electrified SUV brand on the planet. Among the new all-electric teased during the event, Head of Stellantis Design, Ralph Gilles led the presentation that showed the new midsized all-electric D-segment utility vehicle for the exceptional Wagoneer brand. Anointed the “Wagoneer S”, the D-SUV is concentrated on growing the brand’s presence in the premium SUV segment on a global scale. 

Based on STLA Large architecture, the most modern Wagoneer entry will only be supplied as a battery-electric vehicle (BEV). According to Jeep, this new ride will have a target scope of 400 miles on a single charge, 600 horsepower, 4×4 capability, and a 0 to 60 mph time of about 3.5-seconds. The D-SUV will be officially revealed at different auto events next year, with production beginning in 2024 in North America. The new 2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe is already here, but we know the current 2023 model year continues to push the brand for the time being, but what does the future hold?

Future of the Jeep Brand Awaits

But Jeep needs the public’s assistance. In an interview with MotorTrend, Jeep CEO Christian Meunier said he is inviting the help of the Jeep community to officially anoint the upcoming Wagoneer. His plan calls for a competition on social media, with Jeep giving potential names out and acquiring feedback for an official statement.

According to Meunier, the online contest could project sometime this month. The Jeep CEO told MotorTrend he would like to settle on a new name by year’s end. The notification could be announced sometime during Q1 2023, as Jeep will have to make sure it can get the trademark rights to whatever name is chosen. Jeep did say that reservations for the new Wagoneer D-SUV will begin sometime in early 2023. We wouldn’t be surprised if Jeep shows us the official name at the same time its opens up reservation orders at the beginning of next year after this contest concludes. Jeep is doing all the brand can to succeed in 2022, after posting a wonderful third-quarter, we know these Jeep rides are quite special for our clients.

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In just a couple months of availability, the Jeep Wagoneer outsold the Nissan Armada and Toyota Sequoia last year. The large SUV segment as a whole doesn't receive a lot of press, but we know the brand that will be capable of making that transition will be the Jeep brand with all its honors and pedigree for performance. Start a unique experience in a brand new Jeep vehicle to start 2023 off with some luxury and gain the fun of experiencing over 100 years of Jeep engineering. 

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