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Welcome to the NowCar® Blog.

Top Vehicle Options For Cyclists

For people who love to cycle, a vehicle that can easily drive off-road and securely hold a bicycle or a pair of bikes is important. While many people would guess any SUV or truck should be able to accomplish this, there are certain vehicles that are more ideal than others for cyclists to own.… Read More

NowCar Rent Turo Buy Online

Rent with Turo and Buy with NowCar

Written by, Jordan R.  

See any commercials for Turo lately? Starting back in January 2019, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) teamed up with peer-to-peer car sharing startup Turo. The company acts as a rental service, but… Read More

Latest High-Tech To Be Showcased at 2019 New York Auto Show

Written by, Brad R  

With the 2019 New York Auto Show set to start on April 19th through April 28th, 2019 with media previews, car businesses are watching for trends to reach new audiences and separate from the opposition in a time when vehicle quality and dependability are comparable across brands.… Read More

NowCar FCA Tesla

Fiat Chrysler Deals with Tesla to Lower CO2 Average

Written by, Jordan R.  

In recent years, the auto industry has seen an uprise in alternative fuel vehicles, starting with the standard hybrid and eventually the production of all-electric vehicles. Now the auto market is… Read More

Why Choosing NowCar For A New Car Purchase Is The Right Choice

Written by, Brad R  

People have exceedingly more options than ever before when it comes to ways to get around. Modern transportation has merged with technology, and we've seen evidence of advanced autonomous testing that will grow every day until it is on each road around the world.… Read More

NowCar New Trailblazer Teaser

Chevrolet to Release New Trailblazer and May Revive Another

Written by, Jordan R.  

Chevrolet has been quite the busy automaker over the last twelve months, and the news just doesn’t stop. New engine technology, new models, new features, it’s all good stuff. Chevrolet debuted their… Read More

How the Mid-size Pickup Market Will Change By 2020

Written by, Brad R  

Time doesn’t wait up and the world changes every moment, so it's not a surprise to see how much the pickup market will change by 2020. New vehicles, enhanced interiors, and the bar being raised across the automotive industry.… Read More

Could Kia Motors Become the Next All-Electric Automaker

Written by, Jordan R  

During the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, many automakers showed off their latest concepts. A bit of a change this year, nearly every brand was also there to present a plug-in hybrid or… Read More

Jeep Invests In Electric Vehicles For the Future

Written by, Brad R  

Good news for drivers hoping to have better gas mileage alternatives when driving, but love the Jeep brand. Jeep has announced multiple vehicles that will focus on improving fuel efficiency, starting with plug-in hybrid versions of the Jeep Compass and Jeep Renegade.… Read More

Now You Can Buy an EV and the Charger Online with Kia

Written by, Jordan R  

Kia Motors has been doing some interesting things lately to connect with a younger generation. It’s a smart move – the current demographic of the auto market is quickly changing, with Millennials… Read More

New Cars Restricting Vehicle Speeds

Written by, Brad R  

Are we in the golden age of vehicles? Within a few decades, automation will have taken over on the roads and many will travel in self-driving vehicles. Another change not often discussed is the future for vehicles regarding speed.… Read More