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Welcome to the NowCar® Blog.

Mazda Introduces the CX-30 Turbo For the First Time In the United States

Mazda is set to launch the official debut of the CX-30 Turbo here in the United States. It's the compact crossover that will offer an impressive 250 horsepower thanks to its turbocharged 2.5-Liter Skyactiv-G four-cylinder engine. The reports about its powertrain leading up to this were confirmed with the official word from Mazda this week. We are certain that owners will see the immense… Read More

The All-New Taos, Volkswagen's New Small SUV, Debuts In October 2020

Written by, Brad R  

Volkswagen is going to introduce a new small SUV that will be known as the Taos. The growth of the Volkswagen brand will include the Taos joining the ranks of its U.S. lineup slotted just under the Tiguan compact crossover. For other markets, the Volkswagen brand will call the new SUV the Tarek or Tharu. The Tiguan will be 10 inches longer than the Taos. While Volkswagen has not revealed what it will look like, aside… Read More

NowCar AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards 2020

FCA Sweeps up the AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Written by, Jordan R  

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is a large automotive group consisting of a variety of brands. Several times last year, FCA started the discussion of expanding the group with a merger that would be… Read More

Ram Shows Off New Night Edition For 2021 Ram 1500

Written by, Brad R  

With less than one-third of 2020 left, the highlights of the 2021 Ram 1500 have been shown, but the debut is still ahead. Ram has offered new appearance packages and new trims to help everyone in waiting for the debut of the new 2021 model year. The next model year Ram 1500 introduces a new special edition, known as the Night Edition set to debut for when the 2021 Ram 1500 does arrive. Let's go over what has come out so far in 2020 for those who want to see about their current… Read More

NowCar Jeep Wrangler 4xe Global

Jeep Released the New Wrangler 4xe on a Global Scale

Written by, Jordan R  

The automakers of the world have been slow moving towards electric vehicles and hybrid cars in the auto industry, but they’re coming around, very slowly. Big names like the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles… Read More

NowCar Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak

Mopar Releases new 2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak

Written by, Jordan R  

Man, with the Coronavirus pandemic still sweeping across the globe, it’s currently unclear when we’ll see the next auto show. Those precious times when the press gets to see all the cool new concepts,… Read More

Chrysler Revamps Pacifica Design To Look Less Like A Minivan

Written by, Brad R  

Chrysler has intriguing plans to help grow sales for its fan-favorite Pacifica. While the Chrysler Pacifica has earned a plethora of awards and accolades, minivans aren't exactly a segment that draws a lot of attention. The Chrysler Pacifica has seen some changes made to its exterior appearance and within the trims offered. These represent the largest changes, but there are more inside within the technology and interior offerings for customers. We marvel at the ability Chrysler has shown to build a wonderful minivan. However, the changes to the exterior might surprise many. The look of the Pacifica is slimmer and sleeker, but this was done on purpose. SUVs have been the most popular vehicle segment in the auto… Read More

Jeep Adds Trims To Every 2021 Model Year

Written by, Brad R  

Few brands can say they have been around for 80 years. One of those brands is the Jeep brand and to celebrate they are offering an 80th Anniversary Edition with every Jeep vehicle for the 2021 model year. Each Jeep vehicle will be a host of new features and see the growth of trims as well. The 80th Anniversary Edition trim will add a unique flair that incorporates dark-finished wheels as well as special commemorative badging… Read More

NowCar Autotrader 10 Best Cars Dog Lovers

Autotrader Completes the 2020 10 Best List for Dog Lovers

Written by, Jordan R  

The summer of 2020 is coming to an end, and with a world still rattled by the pandemic, people are finding it hard to find something fun to do. Travel plans and vacations have been cancelled, and… Read More

Mercedes-Benz Greatly Improves S Class For 2021 Model Year

Written by, Brad R  

Mercedes-Benz has the new S-Class coming out on September 2nd, 2020. The details that have emerged include details of the engine options, incredible interior perks, and the latest technology used by Mercedes-Benz to make driving better than ever before. Mercedes-Benz hosted a group of media members to enjoy a ride in the new 2021 W223 S-Class. We're happy to report that these details are confirmed and expected to surprise our readers with delight.… Read More

NowCar Volkswagen Electric Vehicle

Volkswagen to Produce First EV SUV for Automaker

Written by, Jordan R  

Alternative fuel may sometimes feel like it’s fallen off the radar. With self-driving vehicles the talk of the town, and the Coronavirus pandemic putting a halt to major new vehicle production,… Read More