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Lease Protection Packages to Keep a Cheap Lease Cheap

There is one huge difference between car buying and car leasing, and that’s the term of possession. When someone buys a vehicle, it is their vehicle for as long as they wish. When someone leases a… Read More

JD Power 2018 Chevrolet Camaro

JD Power Tech Experience Study

Written by, Jordan R.  

Oh, goody. The results of another J.D. Power Study, the 2017 Tech Experience Index Study, are in. Automaker Chevrolet landed the top spot in two vehicle segments along with Kia grabbing up its own… Read More

NowCar Kia Proceed Frankfurt Motor Show

Kia ProCeed at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Written by, Jordan R.  

Well it’s about that time for another auto show this year. Taking place over the course of September 12 - 24, 2017 is the International Motor Show (IAA), also known as the Frankfurt Motor Show. Of… Read More

NowCar Stop-Start Engine Technology

Does Auto Stop-Start Technology Harm Engines?

Written by, Jordan R.  

When Auto Start/Stop technology for engines came out, there was a lot of controversy, and truth be told, implementing such technology is still debatable. Is turning the engine off when idle going to… Read More

Hurricane Irma may hit Florida here's how to get ready

Vehicle Prep Before a Hurricane Hits

Written by, Chloe L.  

Hurricane Irma has the entire state of Florida on high alert. Forecasters are still unsure what parts of Florida will be hit and they are unsure how hard they will be hit, but that doesn’t mean you… Read More

What Factors Can One Control with a Car Lease

Written by, Jordan R.  

When it comes to car buying and car leasing, everyone wants to get a good deal. It’s human nature, sort of. Basically, most of us work hard for the financial standing we have and we don’t want to… Read More

NowCar Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Chevrolet ZR1 Spied and Colorado ZR2 Goes Off-Road

Written by, Jordan R.  

Today, we bring you some news on the long awaited Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, an off-road warrior from Chevy. The former is a little ways away, but thanks to spy… Read More

NowCar Solar Eclipse Mitsubishi Cross

One Eclipse is Here to Stay

Written by, Jordan R.  

Did you see the Solar Eclipse last week? Wow, just wow! No matter where you were in the states, it was an amazing sight to see. Some of us have been waiting all year, and although the Great American… Read More

Buy a car online with NowCar and skip the dealership

Skip The Hassle, Buy a New Car Online Without Going To a Dealership

Written by, Chloe L.  

There’s a reason we started NowCar and that’s to give people an honest, hassle-free, transparent car shopping, buying and leasing experience. NowCar is a comprehensive website where users can research… Read More

NowCar Automotive Production Process

The Automotive Production Process

Written by, Jordan R.  

Photo Source/Copyright:; Mikhail Bakunovich… Read More

NowCar Chevrolet Tahoe Custom Edition

2018 Chevrolet Custom Edition Coming Soon

Written by, Jordan R.  

Chevrolet is really doing some interesting things with technology these days, more so implementing it into their vehicles at more affordable prices and for everyday use. First off, there is a new… Read More