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Welcome to the NowCar® Blog.

How Far Ram Has Gone To Push the Upcoming Ram Revolution

What will the future of the Ram pickup look like? We won't have to wait very long to find out. Ram CEO, Mike Koval Jr., delivered news in an interview with the Detroit Free Press that Ram is aiming to display the Ram Revolution concept the day before the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show. This news serves as a shock, considering the presentation is set for a rapidly coming November 16th, 2022 date. This is all thanks… Read More

Dodge Pulls Back the Final "Last Call" Charger For Now

Written by, Brad R  

2022 has been quite the year for Dodge, just when many buyers were wondering if the brand would supply the same ol' muscle for the last year before shifting towards their EV priorities, we read a… Read More

NowCar EV Charging

New Inflation Reduction Act Offers Tax Credit for Used EVs and PHEVs

Written by, Jordan R  

Buying a new car always feels like a great experience, especially when it saves you some money. At NowCar, we help consumers get the best price we can give them when buying a new car online, and with… Read More

EV Charging Port

California Air Resources Board Aims to End ICE Vehicles by 2035

Written by, Jordan R  

The auto industry is going to see a lot of change between now and 2030. With many automakers finally taking the hint to go electric, whereas others are steadfast on expanding their already strong… Read More

NJowCar 2023 Dodge Last Call Models

Dodge Debuts "Last Call" Models and Options for Fans

Written by, Jordan R  

Calling all muscle car lovers! Are you disheartened by the ever-shrinking market for high-performance vehicles? Ford left the stage, Chevrolet settled on a mid-performance engine, and the curtain is… Read More

NowCar Chrysler 300 Front Fascia Detroit Auto Show

2022 NYIAS Starts Off with the Last Chrysler 300C

Written by, Jordan R  

As the 2022 North American International Auto Show, otherwise known as the 2022 Detroit Auto Show, gets underway, we have a lot of new models and concepts to look forward to. Will some of the Dodge… Read More

NowCar Self-Drive ACT

Congress Members Tackle Self-Driving Car Production in U.S.

Written by, Jordan R  

All the talk about self-driving car technology and autonomous cars feels like it’s slowed down in recent years, doesn’t it? There were mentions of Level 3 and Level 5 self-driving when automakers… Read More

NowCar EV DMC DeLorean

Updates on the Upcoming EV DeLorean

Written by, Jordan R  

Remember the electric vehicle (EV) variant of the classic DeLorean we talked about in April 2022? Yeah, it wasn’t too long ago, but these days, it can feel like forever when waiting for a legend to… Read More

Dodge Awakens Super Bee Special Edition For 2023

Written by, Brad R  

Dodge will launch a brand new class of muscle this week as seven special editions of the Charger and Challenger will be showcased. The latest report also includes a unique Dodge Coronet "Super Bee" vehicle is one of the vehicles expected to be revealed. Dodge placed this vehicle under a special tarp that included a plethora of honeycomb… Read More

All the Details For the 2023 Grand Cherokee Emerge

Written by, Brad R  

We're only a few weeks away from gaining the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV. The Jeep brand has added some perks that will shape the prized SUV in a new light among buyers. The 4xe trim is now available for the Grand Cherokee, a plug-in hybrid selection that helps owners save big time at the pump. We're a fan of the Uconnect 5 NAV added for the 2023 model year and the massive 10.1-inch digital touchsc… Read More

NowCar New Apple CarPlay User Interface

Apple Introduces New CarPlay User Interface

Written by, Jordan R  

When it comes to new technology in the automarket, we at NowCar has it covered. Whether it’s a first-time feature for an automaker or something revolutionary like Level 4 autonomy, we want to learn as… Read More