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Welcome to the NowCar® Blog.

Samsung SDI Secures Funding to Build its Own BEV Battery Facilities

The auto industry is currently in a tough spot with the UAW union strike, but assuming automakers eventually find a solution to agree upon, the market is shifting. Many automakers are working on a new… Read More

NowCar UAW Stellantis GM Ford

President Biden Makes History with the UAW Strike

Written by, Jordan R  

We know talking about politics is a somewhat risky issue anywhere, especially online, but we gotta give some credit to President Joe Biden during the current United Auto Workers (UAW) union strike.… Read More

European Influences Inspire Nissan

Written by, Brad R  

Nissan has launched an effective electric vehicle platform before. There incentive to continue to grow and expand on electric vehicles is ever present in 2023 with plans to go fully-electric in Europe… Read More

NowCar HMG Visually-Impaired Navigation App SG Enable

HMG Enters Partnership with SG Enable to Pilot Mobility Program for Visually-Impaired Persons

Written by, Jordan R  

Back in 2022, during the 2022 World Cities Summit in Singapore, the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) shared its vision of the future. Called the “Smart City” concept, this came in three pillars – design,… Read More

NowCar UAW Strike

UAW Strike Affects Auto Industry, Supplies, Employees, and Consumers

Written by, Jordan R  

Wow, this year has a big case of strike fever! First, we heard news about the writers’ strike going on – and good for them – but there’s another strike going on that we didn’t expect. The biggest… Read More

NowCar 2024 Jeep Gladiator Technology

New 2024 Jeep Gladiator Comes with More High-Tech than Ever Before

Written by, Jordan R  

Remember those new Uconnect 5 connected services Stellantis gave us a preview of? Although it briefly mentioned Dodge Connect and Alfa Connect, Jeep Connect was the main focus of the PR. All the new… Read More

Nowcar Google open source infotainment android auto

Google Offers Automakers More Options with its Open-source Infotainment Platform

Written by, Jordan R  

In today’s auto industry, automakers are shaking more and more hands with other companies to integrate some of the best technologies to offer consumers. Stellantis and Amazon have been busy adding… Read More

Dodge Hornet Ad Swarms Feeds, Social Media

Written by, Brad R  

In the world today, many will see the nee Dodge “A New Breed'' commercials everywhere. They are making buyers aware of the current state of Dodge. The time to get a gasoline, high-octane gasoline… Read More

Jeep Hits 5 Million Wranglers Sold

Written by, Brad R  

Jeep has had a meaningful mark reached for the brand when the 5 millionth Jeep Wrangler mid-size SUV was sold this month. Their origins from becoming a ride used by brave soldiers in World War battles… Read More

NowCar Uconnect 5 Connected Services

New Uconnect 5 Connected Services Are Being Made Available by Stellantis

Written by, Jordan R  

Automobiles are becoming more technologically advanced every year. If it isn’t operating systems on software-defined vehicles than its consumer connected stores that allow consumers to customize their… Read More

NowCar Kia EV5 Specs

Kia Unveils the New EV5 BEV

Written by, Jordan R  

The Kia Corporation has been pretty busy over the last few years, changing the meaning of the name and reshaping what consumers think when they hear it. A sports car automaker, an all-electric… Read More