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Welcome to the NowCar® Blog.

Is the End of the Dodge Durango SUV?

When customers opt for a speedy, but spacious ride, one brand that comes to mind early and often is the Dodge Durango. How could the lone Dodge SUV not be? Considered the ideal choice on the Dodge roster for a solid decade with some major innovations added of course, but the platform has remained the same. Despite the… Read More

NowCar Semiconductor Chip Shortage Chipmaker

Semiconductor Chip Makers Tell Automakers to Wake Up

Written by, Jordan R  

By this point, it should be obvious to everyone that 2021 is just the fallout of 2020. Things aren’t magically better, and during the year of a pandemic and quarantine, Amazon probably became rich… Read More

NowCar Nissan GT-R T-Spec

Nissan Releases GT-R T-Spec Limited Edition

Written by, Jordan R  

With the COVID fallout of 2020 and the semiconductor chip shortage of 2021, many industries have been grappling with a lack of resources and having to decrease production. On the one hand, these… Read More

NowCar Rivian RT1 Certified

Rivian Gets Certification for RT1

Written by, Jordan R  

Rivian, the name of the electric vehicle startup backed by Inc. and Ford Motor Co., is finally able to start making deliveries of the Launch Edition RT1 electric pickup truck. We got an… Read More

NowCar Lucid Air 520 Mile

Startup Lucid Motors Blows Tesla Out of the Water with Luxury Electric Sedan

Written by, Jordan R  

Geez, is it just me, or is every automaker gunning for Tesla at the moment? Before Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) merged with PSA Group to become Stellantis, the automotive group called Tesla a… Read More

Chevrolet Silverado Gains Refresh For 2022 Model Year

Written by, Brad R  

We look at the upcoming changes to one of the most popular Chevrolet vehicles, the new 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup. This full-size truck is ready to offer the latest perks and immense strength with improved strength to tow as much as 4,000 pounds more than the same rating bestowed just a year ago for the 2021 model year.… Read More

How Ram Is Offering More Choices, Including the New Southfork Edition

Written by, Brad R  

What is coming out for Ram shoppers looking for a new vehicle? Well, the newest Ram option is the return of a popular appearance package that will come for the Limited trim on all brand new 2022 Ram 1500 pickups. The 2022 Ram 1500 Limited Longhorn Southfork Edition comes with special colors and extra leather and suede added throughout the vehicle. A special touch with laser filigree detailing and a Mopar bright pedal kit added.… Read More

Dodge About to Release New SUV While Building New EV Options

Written by, Brad R  

The collection of the current Dodge vehicles are going to be seen as a true collector's item one day. Gasoline engines that are V8s with immense power like the current Dodge Charger and Challenger models, they are a rarity among the current landscape. The newest Dodge vehicles are coming out and they might have some EVs… Read More

NowCar Kia Hyundai Next Hydrogen Concepts Drones

HMG and Kia Launch New Venture - Hydrogen Vision 2040

Written by, Jordan R  

Kia Corp and Hyundai Motor, together, make the Hyundai Motor Group, henceforth referred to as “the Group”. Together, the Group has been doing a lot of exciting stuff in the world of automobiles and… Read More

Jeep Celebrating Eight Decade Run of the Wrangler With New Pink Color

Written by, Brad R  

Jeep has decided to bring back a modern classic in the way of the Tuscadero Pink color last used in Stellantis brand brother company, Dodge, in the 2010 model year lineup. The very loud and powerful new color highlights over eight decades of the popular Jeep mid-size SUV. The 2021 Jeep Wrangler offers… Read More

NowCar eMuscle Logo Fratzog

Dodge Explains the New eMuscle Logo

Written by, Jordan R  

What’s up, my Fratzog? No need to get offended, the word is completely meaningless. Like any lingo, someone came up with the word, it became popular, and eventually someone gave it meaning. Sometimes… Read More