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Strongest Pickups on the Market Today

For drivers that need a pickup to handle their business needs and towing needs, strength is the only measuring stick. Well, we’ve done the homework and we have looked at a few of the most popular… Read More

Chevy and Kia Are More Similar Than We Realized

Written by, Chloe L.  

Kia and Chevy seem like pretty different automakers on paper. Kia Motors is a South Korean automaker which began 73 years ago in 1944. Chevrolet is an American automaker that’s 106 year old. Also,… Read More

2019 Chevrolet Silverado 4500HD

Chevrolet Bolt EV Sales and Chevy Truck Lineup Are Increasing

Written by, Jordan R.  

The auto industry is about to get a wake up call with Chevrolet changing the game for trucks and self driving vehicles. Chevrolet had a pretty great year in 2017. Specifically, Chevrolet celebrated… Read More

NowCar 2018 Geneva Motor Show Highlights

2018 Geneva Motor Show Begins, Here Are Some Highlights

Written by, Jordan R.  

The 2018 Geneva Motor Show just started and already there are plenty of concepts, modifications, and upgrades to many vehicles from tons of brands. Some of these are downright crazy to look at, but… Read More

Chevy Suburban has a lot of space for cargo and passengers

Big Family? Lots of Cargo? Here Are Vehicles with Passenger + Cargo Space

Written by, Brad R.  

For some drivers, the most important aspect of owning a vehicle is cargo capacity. Whether for your business, family or otherwise these vehicles offer plenty of cargo room and receive our stamp of… Read More

Ram 1500 Limited, a luxury truck trim

New Luxury American Trucks and SUVs Appeal to New Buyers

Written by, Chloe Lykes  

For the last few years, the auto industry has seen an increase in the demand for crossovers, SUVs and trucks. In response to those demands, automakers increased the supply of those vehicles and they… Read More

5 Things NowCar Does That Dealerships Can’t Do

Written by, Brad R.  

There’s more than five reasons why NowCar is the fast and easy way to buy or lease a new car and that’s because there are several things we can do that other dealerships can’t do. Here’s a look at… Read More

NowCar Differences Jeep Wrangler JL and JK

Differences Between the Jeep Wrangler JK and Wrangler JL

Written by, Jordan R.  

At the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL made its official debut, and we were all pretty psyched about it. Even with all the spy photos being released before its official debut,… Read More

NowCar Seven Passenger Capacity Vehicles

Three Seven-Passenger Capacity Vehicles at NowCar

Written by, Jordan R.  

When it comes to family cars, consumers want to know a couple of things. How many people can it seat? Are there entertainment options to keep everyone occupied for a long car ride? What are the… Read More

Scenic drives in Florida on A1A

Scenic and Famous Florida Views Not to Be Missed on Your Road Trip

Written by, Brad R.  

If you’ve circled the date on your calendar for a driving expedition through Florida, we’ve got some advice about what spots to go through and check out. From various well known spots, to celebrity… Read More

NowCar Affordable High Performance Cars

Affordable High Performance Vehicles at NowCar

Written by, Jordan R.  

Ever think about buying a car online? Will the price be as good as the manufacturer’s website? Will it cost more to get what you’re looking for? E-commerce sites need to make money too, right? When… Read More