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Welcome to the NowCar® Blog.

Mitsubishi 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Limited Edition at NowCar

When the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Limited Edition debuted at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, a lot of people became interested. What exactly makes it so special apart from the other trims? How… Read More

It’s Tax Season, Learn About the Tax Credit for EVs and PHEVs

It’s Tax Season, Learn About the Tax Credit for EVs and PHEVs

Written by, Chloe L.  

Taxes are on every working American’s mind right now, so we wanted to take the time to explain the federal tax credit that is available on some plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and all… Read More

NowCar 2017 Geneva International Motor Show Kia Chevy Mitsubishi Airbus Aston Martin

Car Debuts at Geneva International Motor Show 2017

Written by, Jordan R.  

The 2017 Geneva International Motor Show has been going on since last week, and the great news just keeps pouring in. It all comes to an end on Sunday, March 19, but that means there are still a few more days for… Read More

Ram trucks for towing jobs

Truck Talk: Types of Trucks, Towing Capacities and Drivetrains

Written by, Chloe L.  

As a website that offers customers a way to purchase new vehicles 100 percent online, NowCar has a large selection of brands and several types of trucks ranging from mid-size pickups to heavy-duty… Read More

NowCar Car Buying Millennial New Car Trends Tech

Car-Buying Millennials and The New Car Trends and Tech

Written by, Jordan R.  

The newest Chrysler concept, the Portal, was shown off at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, and Chrysler made it perfectly clear that this is a vehicle for Millennials. That’s a pretty broad… Read More

You can buy a car online for your new teen driver

Safest New Cars for New Teen Driver from $10,000-$25,000

Written by, Chloe L.  

Budget and safety are definitely the two biggest factors on parents’ minds when shopping for a new car for a teen, but sometimes that combination can be a little hard to find.  So here are a couple… Read More

New American Eledctric Car Manufacturers - Tesla Inc, Karma Automotive, Fisker Inc, Faraday Future, UMCC

Who and What Are These New American Car Manufacturers?

Written by, Jordan R.  

New auto manufacturers pop up every now and then, and with the current auto market shifting in all sorts of ways, newcomers are starting to find some room to grow. The most well-known manufacturer to… Read More

New teen driver advice for parents and teens

Advice for New Teen Drivers and Their Parents

Written by, Chloe Lykes  

What’s one of the scariest things on the road? A deer? A speeding crotch rocket weaving in and out of lanes? Rush hour traffic? A deer on the road being chased by a crotch rocket during rush hour… Read More

NowCar Car Buying Sales Tricks

Car Buying - Salesperson or Magician?

Written by, Jordan R.  

Hey there friend! Car buying is a fun and exciting process, especially when you know what you want and where to get it. That’s the thing though, you need to be in the “know.” Otherwise, you can get… Read More

New Chevy Cruze Diesel Sedan gets 52 mpg on the highway

Chevy Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Improving Fuel Economy

Written by, Monique Y.  

Chevrolet did it again. They set a new fuel economy standard in another car class. The 2017 Chevy Cruze Diesel Sedan has an EPA estimated highway fuel economy of 52 mpg, which makes it the highest… Read More

Now Car Cars We Love Chicago Auto Show 2017

Cars We Love at the Chicago Auto Show

Written by, Jordan R.  

What does a car enthusiast do on the week Valentine’s Day falls? Falls in love with all of the new concepts and models debuting at the Chicago Auto Show this week. Whether you are single or taken, lusting over the… Read More