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Welcome to the NowCar® Blog.

Volkswagen Releases Its First Electric Sedan Concept - ID. AERO

With the auto industry shifting towards more eco-friendly and electrified models to fill up their lineup, we’re going to be seeing more and more firsts for a lot of automakers. Some names in the… Read More

NowCar Mercedes-Benz-AMG SUV 55 Edition

Mercedes-AMG to Release in Four Special Edition 55 models

Written by, Jordan R  

Earlier in June 2022, Mercedes-Benz announced the Mercedes-AMG ONE Formula 1 vehicle being released to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG, the name for the performance and sports car brand… Read More

1932 Chrysler Imperial Earns Best In Show Award In 2022

Written by, Brad R  

The 2022 Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance, a contest reviewing over many collector's editions of famous vehicles was hosted this month. Chrysler was thrilled to learn its remarkable Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Cl win the award for this year's Best in Show. The world’s longest-running concours, which was held on June 26, 2022 saw as many as 200 collectible cars and motorcycles from the past see a return of glory. held near San Francisco, California, this landmark annual event held… Read More

NowCar Alfa Romeo 1000 Miglia

The 2022 1000 Miglia Concludes with Three Alfa Romeo Gems

Written by, Jordan R  

Recently concluding this month was the 2022 Mil Miglia, also known as the 1000 Miglia. Called the “the world’s most beautiful race” according to Enzo Ferrari, the 40th edition of the reenactment of… Read More

Dodge Roadkill Nights Event In August Will Debut 3 EVs

Written by, Brad R  

Dodge has remained hush for a while regarding surprises, but an announcement this week about what we can expect by the close of summer has got us going wild! We just discovered Dodge has vowed to demonstrate three new Dodge EVs for its forthcoming Roadkill Nights 2022 event… Read More

Subaru Putting Together New Lineup Changes For 2023-24

Written by, Brad R  

In the midst of a rapid change of the brand, Subaru will offer all-new envisions of their most popular vehicles. Starting with a new 2023 Subaru Forester, a revamped 2024 Outback, 2024 Crosstrek, 2024 Ascent, and further new choices with all-wheel-drive options. The path towards innovation comes as these next-generation vehicles are set to debut. The Forester will remain a compact SUV and the Crosstrek will stay… Read More

Buick Has Crafted the Perfect EV Concept

Written by, Brad R  

General Motors has put together a focus for their Buick brand. They have put together a new concept vehicle and will begin its overhaul of the line-up starting with next year's 2024 all-electric SUV. The Buick symbol and iconic design are changing for these new vehicles coming out, much like rival brand KIA redesigned their logo on their rides. Buick serves as a mid-level luxury brand that announced this month a new Buick concept known as the Wildcat EV that will come out within the next 18 months. The Buick team and their leaders were shy abo… Read More

NowCar Buick Wildcat EV Concept

Buick Introduced New EV Plan for Lineup

Written by, Jordan R  

Back in March 2022, it seemed like every major automaker had a new business plan to share about electric vehicle (EV) and battery-electric vehicle (BEV) development, amongst other things. Stellantis… Read More

NowCar HMG Kia RoboRide Taxi Service Autonomous Korea

HMG Launches RoboRide Taxi Service

Written by, Jordan R  

This year sure is shaping up to be a pretty crazy one, but in a good way. After the economy started to bounce back from the first COVID-19 crisis, another problem arose, especially for the auto… Read More

New Jeep Renegade Gains New Project (RED) Option

Written by, Brad R  

The 2022 Jeep Renegade Red Edition enters the lineup of (RED)-branded vehicles to help deliver relief against pandemics and spread awareness about HIV and other infectious diseases. Shoppers can opt for the Trailhawk Ruby Red speakers and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and an 8.4-inch infotainment system… Read More

Dodge Hornet Is No Longer A Secret

Written by, Brad R  

Some brands are looking for newsworthy vehicles to debut and bring some spice to their line-up. Dodge is no different as they have tapped the Dodge Hornet nameplate to be their next new effort. The Hornet concept was most recently shown all the way back at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. Back then, this Hornet was cast as a memorable co… Read More