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2021 SEMA Show Vehicles Most Likely To Be Produced

Written By, Brad R

When looking at the many brands and vehicles introduced at the 2021 SEMA show held last week at the Las Vegas, Nevada event, we have our favorites and must predict which concepts were built to stick around. The concepts that debuted are rarely made to satisfy large portions of support, as they cater to niche options. The Dodge brand however, came out with one option that could feasibly earn a spot on the line-up as a unique or special edition. We welcome our favorite choice to become a future option; but which one? The newly famed Dodge Challenger Holy Guacamole concept, the Mopar designed '22 Dodge Durango, and the Ram 1500 TRX RexRunner concept are our three favorite choices that we would love to see have their very own production run in one way or another.

The Muscle Car Concept Greener On the Other Side 

We at NowCar really enjoy a fresh color and appearance package that stands out from the crowd and that is the case with this new 2022 Dodge Challenger muscle car. The 1970s throwback look is a definite influence for the new concept that debuted last week. The focal point for enthusiasts to look at was the woodgrain trim and yellow plaid inserts that make the interior burst out. The intense color is eye-catching and its huge engine is housed with an extensive hood that is also a throwback strategy to their old-school inspiration and engineering calls. What buyers observed in the Dodge brand remains one of the most important reasons these concepts are built. Striking, charming, and highly-sought after, we know the Dodge vehicles of today and tomorrow are moving into a new EV landscape, but that doesn't mean we can't get at least one good run of the Guac' concept turned special edition.

Interesting Dodge Muscle Choice? Just Two Slices of Toast Needed

The Holy Guacamole concept is one of the last Dodge vehicles built that will not have some EV trim alternative or extra reason to love these vehicles. Stellantis will do this for every brand they have including the Dodge and Ram brand as both enhance their line-up to have electrified options, but we know the heart and soul of ownership for most of our buyers stems from the high-powered options, exceptional durability and speed held in these muscle cars, and the large resale value provided to owners. Sales reflect this as the muscle car segment again belongs to the Dodge brand with Challenger muscle cars sales owning to 44,142 vehicles sold by Dodge. This result is even higher than competing brand Ford and their Mustang sales of 41,065 vehicles. Rest assured, Dodge is rising ahead of the Chevrolet Camaro as well, which simply has passed 15,084 vehicles in 2021. What other concept made us wish we could see plenty of them driving around for consumers? 

New Ram TRX RexRunner Is A Stunner

The new Ram 1500 TRX RexRunner was another vehicle we could foresee having a run, either as a trim option in time or a special appearance package that adds blue accents with 18x9 inch Black Rhino Chamber wheels encased in 37-inch all-terrain tires. The matte black body color stripe that runs across the vehicle. This concept also demonstrates the same supercharged 6.2-Liter, 702 horsepower V8 engine that makes the TRX pickup a future choice for an electric option. Mopar front skid plates are included as well as a bed-mounted spare tire carrier, Mopar bed extender, and a Mopar spray-in bedliner, a Dometic refrigerator mounted to the units in the concept, and a custom "RamGate" desk bench as well. What helps this Ram stand out from other pickup options shown at the SEMA event was the lush interior with impressionable Alloy-Mesh cloth seats with blue Katzkin bolsters trimmed with Sydney Grey accent leather through the seats. The Mopar all-weather floor mats are added in the concept package with a "RamVac" vacuum cleaner affixed to the second-row bench to help any potential drivers stay clean. Would Ram go through this much detail to not make a pickup as sharp and impressive? For any reader looking to gain a new Dodge Challenger muscle car or opt for the Ram 1500 choices, side with our help afforded to our customers at NowCar.

Drive the Vehicle You’ve Always Hoped For With Our Help

For those customers searching for a new vehicle, but haven’t found it in person, NowCar is the place for you. Can’t find the right specifications you were hoping to discover at the local dealership? That’s where NowCar can help, especially for those looking to drive the all-new Ram 1500. Let us be your total vehicle guide for anything you’re hoping to drive. You are not limited to a simple inventory lot at one location as we can assist you along the way to gain the vehicle you’ve always wanted.   Reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think of the Ram brand as of late.

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