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Dodge About to Release New SUV While Building New EV Options

Written By, Brad R

Photo Credit: Dodge

The collection of the current Dodge vehicles are going to be seen as a true collector's item one day. Gasoline engines that are V8s with immense power like the current Dodge Charger and Challenger models, they are a rarity among the current landscape. The newest Dodge vehicles are coming out and they might have some EVs ready to go in less than two years, but among the current crop, we are still learning how impressive they are aside from the recognition being earned today for the 2021 Dodge vehicles. We are witnessing the final days of gasoline vehicles. Dodge might have offered an electrifying experience for the future, but today we can offer understanding why enjoying a new Dodge muscle car is the right choice for consumers that want the excitement of a heart-racing performance vehicle that comes with exceptional styling and control for owners.

What To Think About When Making A New Car Purchase

Dodge has always provided additional lengths to accommodate customers with the most innovative technologies and implementing the newest Dodge muscle car lineup with an improved product line. Fans and customers alike are more than likely more satisfied than most owners of new vehicles. The current formation of Dodge muscle cars (both the Charger and Challenger) have presently concluded the last few years of the third generation variation with the next generation coming in a couple of years. We have learned the brand is witnessing record sales for these muscle cars. The Dodge brand has freshly bestowed evidence and development photos of a new SUV intended for the Mexican and possibly the South American market. The new Dodge SUV is originated from the GAC GS5 SUV that is manufactured by Stellantis (parent company of Dodge) and sold in China and some South American counties exclusively. The GAC GS5 is an SUV that gives drivers the impressive turbocharged 1.5-Liter four-cylinder engine that profits purchasers with 150 horsepower and 173 lb-ft of torque.

Extra Dodge SUV Option On Its Way

With the future of the Dodge brand moving towards electric vehicles, 2021 might go down as one of the fastest flying years on record, along with the record amount of Atlantic tropical storms. After last year's seemingly never-ending to now being in the last season before 2022, we've come quite a long way. And during this whole experience, the Dodge brand has earned results to inspire buyers while hoisting another award. This time the trophy comes from the 2021 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study that lists Dodge as the brand that finishes second on a list that includes all the top automotive brands. Dodge won the top spot last year and isn't far off this year. A 223-question study was given to new car owners who felt the most positive and pleasant initial encounter was with these brands. Each year, this survey helps new car shoppers reflect on their experience with a vehicle over the course of the first few months of ownership. 

“If you start with strong design, and follow that up with discipline on the plant floor, you get the kind of results we’re seeing today," metro Detroit native Mark Champine, head of North America customer experience at Stellantis, said in a news release.

Into the Numbers of 2021 J.D. Power's IQS

Each year, this J.D. Power survey encourages new car customers to consider their encounter with a vehicle over the course of the first few months of ownership (the first ninety days of ownership to be specific). This is when difficulties should least likely arrive and customers want to know what to expect; if any problems appear, what they liked most, and other important aspects of buying a vehicle. Based on the problems listed per 100 vehicles, the system includes ways to gauge gain information on serious mechanical issues to problems with the infotainment system. Dodge owners only encounter 139 complaints per 100 vehicles. The survey includes tens of thousands of replies each year. A big issue is smartphone connectivity across many brands. 

"They've done a particularly good job of preventing problems from occurring. The key is design quality. Most of the problems people report are not because vehicles aren't built properly. The majority of problems are because vehicles aren't designed properly or with the customer in mind. Often, the factories get the rough end of this. There is a problem with the navigation system, for instance. The assembly plants are responsible just for installing it into the vehicle. It's not their fault the navigation system doesn't work," said David Sargent, vice president of automotive quality at J.D. Power, told the Free Press. 

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