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Stellantis Signs Agreement with Ample to Engage Modular Battery Swapping Solution in Madrid

Written By, Jordan R

One of the largest reasons stopping American consumers from buying a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) is the possibility of getting stranded with nowhere to charge up. There are some services popping up, such as Currently, an easy-to-use service that consumers can use to arrange a time for a technician to come charge up their plug-in hybrid or battery-electric vehicle, but automakers need to get in on this to really make an impact. In 2022, Kia America partnered with Currently, and so did a third-party known as SparkCharge. Kia America also partnered with Electrify America to offer BEV consumers free recharging, but that’s a different story. Today, we’re talking about a recent binding agreement between Stellantis and Ample to provide consumers with a Modular Battery Swapping service.

Since 2014, Ample is a company that aims to make the adoption of BEVs more prevalent in America. Able to deliver fully-charged BEV batteries to consumers in as little as 5 minutes, the transportation of sustainable energy on a global level is the eventual goal. Through a partnership with Stellantis, this goal is attainable. As a part of the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic business plans, one of it’s first all-electric vehicles to hit the market was the Fiat 500e. Known as the highest-selling BEV within the Stellantis lineup, a BEV leader in multiple European markets, and sold on a global scale, the initial program to expand the Ample battery swapping service will take place in Madrid, Spain in 2024.

“At Ample, we believe in the importance of making electric vehicles accessible to everyone without compromises…Stellantis’ ambitious electrification goals, its range of electric vehicles, and the commitment of its leadership, make Stellantis a perfect partner in achieving our goals…We look forward to working with Stellantis to deploy our joint solution across communities around the world.” - Khaled Hassounah, CEO of Ample

At first, Ample is providing the service of bringing 100-percent charged, new batteries to BEV consumers who need a new or fully-charged battery. An alternative way to deliver energy to BEVs, Ample claims their service is as fast and convenient as refueling a car with gas. A mutually beneficial agreement, Ample batteries are designed to be a drop-in replacement for BEV’s original battery, kind of like a spare tire or replacing the main car battery. This means Stellantis can integrate Ample’s battery-swapping technology without reengineering any of its vehicle platforms. This, in turn, saves a lot of money. With more than 75 BEVs planned worldwide, that definitely helps.

Another roadblock in making BEVs more practical for the average consumer is, even with delivery services, when will BEV charging stations become as common as gas stations? Many companies are working on installing new BEV charging stations and changing city infrastructure to make that happen. In 2021, the House (one of two parts of the U.S. Congress) passed a bill on a U.S. infrastructure package to invest $7.5 billion to build a new network of electric vehicle charging stations across the country. How’s that for being more practical? Ample can also help with this. Their light-weight battery swapping stations can be deployed in as little as three days to most major public areas, able to change city infrastructure to meet driver’s recharging demand.

Every year, BEVs and alternative fuel sources are becoming easier to own and keep charged. By 2030, the auto market will be flooded with BEVS and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), so there’s no stopping this train. Want to get on board? Find a new BEV when you shop online with NowCar. You can keep up to date with car tech and BEV news when you follow us on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis Media