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NowCar Currently Free Charging SparkCharge

SparkCharge Offers Free EV Charging through Currently App

Written By, Jordan R

We’re midway through July 2022 and this summer is already a scorcher. To make things a little easier, mobile charging network SparkCharge is helping electric vehicle consumers get around this month. Call it another perk for going green, but throughout the month of July, consumers can receive a complimentary EV charging delivery through the SparkCharge Currently App. The delivery is only available for EV drivers in serviceable cities, of course, but getting a battery recharged for free is always a great incentive for choosing alternative fuel options, especially plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and all-electric models.

This wouldn’t be the first time a company worked with an EV charging service to give consumers a push in the green direction. Kia America partnered with Electrify America for a complimentary EV charging deal with a three month time limit, starting in February 2022. All owners of a Kia EV6 could receive 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of complimentary EV charging/energy from Electrify America charging stations. That’s about 3500 – 4000 miles. Just think of how much you can lower your carbon footprint by driving that many miles with carbon-free emissions. Most consumers would charge up about three times a month on average. It’s a whole lot of free energy, and thanks to Electrify America’s vast DC charging network, the largest in the country, Kia EV6 owners could get a 10-80 percent charge (up to 217 miles range) in less than 18 minutes.

In March 2022, Kia America also partnered with Currently. An easy-to-use service through the app, consumers call up Currently and arrange a time for a technician to come charge up their plug-in hybrid or EV, whether at home, work, or out doing errands. The partnership lasted until April 30th. At the time, the service was only available in three California markets - Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose. This soon might expand to other cities or more partners. SparkCharge already expanded the service to Dallas, Texas.

Currently was made popular due to its portable Roadie Charging System, a DC fast charging system that can provide fast charging capabilities basically anywhere without needing the proper infrastructure to make it possible. It’s like having a DC fast charging station on wheels. What really kicked things off for Roadie was back when it appeared on season 12 on ABC’s Shark Tank, and got billionaire shark Mark Cuban as an investor. Since then, SparkCharge has been working with Roadie to expand its mobile EV charging strategy.

Now through the rest of July 2022, consumers in Dallax, TX; Los Angfeles, CA; San Franciso, CA; or San Jose, CA can use the Currently App to receive free charging. They just need to use the promo code “POWERUP”, and bam! A complimentary charge of up to 100 miles of range on nearly any EV available on the market today. To check for compatibility, consumers can confirm if the app offers charging to their EV model at Since we’re here in South Florida, we may not be able to enjoy such complimentary incentives, but it’s nice to know more and more companies are getting involved with the green fuel auto market.

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Photo Source/Copyright: electrek