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NowCar Kia EV6 Electrify America Charging

Kia and Electrify America Give Consumers Free of Charge Electric Vehicle Power

Written By, Jordan R

Electric vehicles (EVs) were once thought to be a rarity, maybe even impossible to be practical. Gasoline stations are on every corner, whereas public charging stations are few, and unless you have an app to find one nearby, you could be stuck with nowhere to charge up. Automakers know this, and that’s why many of them pushed off alternative fuel vehicles off to the side. Well, time’s up, lazy bones. EVs and plug-in hybrids are quickly becoming the next hot item for automakers to release, and with some automakers like Kia Corp funneling all of its resources into EV development, the competition is only going to get crazier. That’s why Kia America and Electrify America have recently finalized a partnership to provide Kia EV6 buyers with 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of complimentary EV charging/energy.

Years ago, sure, it may have been difficult to find a charging station. Although there are free apps like PlugNShare, consumers weren’t convinced. That all changed last year, 2021, when Jeep, Volkswagen (VW), General Motors, and the country as a whole have decided to install more electric charging stations on a nationwide scale. In 2019, VW and General Motors started to electrify America with 180 charging stations installed at Walmart locations, also an endeavor with Electrify America. Jeep also partnered with Electrify America to install Jeep 4xe charging stations at select Jeep Badge of Honor trails. The automaker also partnered with Volta to spread the word about Jeep 4xe vehicles and bring attention to more EV charging stations popping up.

A new bill in late 2021 was signed in to finance new nationwide EV charging infrastructure. Now that’s a huge win for EVs and just in time for the new Kia EV6. With an EPA rated all-electric range of 310 miles when equipped with a 77.4 kWh battery and rear-wheel drive (RWD). With the Kia EV9 all-electric SUV already popping up at auto shows, it’s only a matter of time before the auto market shares a lot more space with alternative fuel. With Plan S in play, Kia Corp aims to the leading automaker in EV sales by 2025. Offering new consumers free electric charging should help with that.

“Our collaboration with Kia is an excellent example of how automakers are helping customers make the transition to an electric lifestyle easy for new EV customers…We are entering an exciting time in delivering personal transportation options to consumers and Electrify America is dedicated to making the switch to zero emission vehicles seamless with convenient and reliable charging options.” - Giovanni Palazzo, president and chief executive officer of Electrify America

Let’s do some quick math. 1,000 kWh is about 3500 – 4000 miles. The average person drives about 1000 miles/month. Take the Kia EV6 all-electric range into account, and that’s a little over three charge ups over the course of a month. And consumers will still have three months of completely free charging. Thanks to Electrify America’s vast DC charging network is the largest in the country, consumers can also rest easy that charging up won’t take forever. Able to charge with speeds of up to 350 kilowatts (kW) for capable vehicles, Electrify America provides all the power EVs need. With the EV6 getting a 10-80 percent charge (up to 217 miles range) in less than 18 minutes when using a 350 kW charger, most people can grab a coffee or kill some time at a pit stop and have plenty of miles ready to go.

So, we have 3500-4000 miles of electric charging free of cost. Then there’s the $7,500 federal vehicle tax credit that the IRS will give you against any taxes due for the tax year you bought the vehicle. Lastly, NowCar has questionnaires and other services that can help you get money-back rebates and take more money off the starting price. With all those savings, there is no reason not to buy a new EV6 online with NowCar.

Photo Source/Copyright: Kia Media