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Ford Lightning Sales Surge Past 160,000 Reservations

Written By, Brad R

Ford is looking at the amount of people talking and showing interest in their soon-to-debut Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup. The reservations for this Ford EV truck has surpassed 160,000 orders as the list keeps growing. The Ford Motor Company is accepting $100 refundable reservations for the vehicle that was unveiled six months ago. The first day reservations were open as many as 20,000 reservations were made, another 44,000 reservations were made on the second day and less than a month later the number grew to 120,000 total reservations. What are fans clamoring for? The perks of the first-ever Ford F-150 electric pickup is quite an exciting development. We know Ford is all about helping the American people have a trusted EV to take them anywhere they want to go. 

Big Results Were Not Unexpected

The earnings after June prompted Ford CEO Jim Farley to confirm that 75% of the reservations came from new customers for the Ford brand. With so many new customers, we are thrilled to see the growth due to innovation. The climate is in need of more drivers choosing EVs over the traditional gasoline vehicles. The most important news from the total amount of reservations is the claim that those who put in their $100 refundable deposit is that 40% of these people claimed to trade in a gasoline powered truck as a trade-in. This is good news according to the CEO of Ford as he noted the pace of customer interest "indicates a move a little bit faster to full-size truck [battery electric vehicles] than maybe our optimistic assumptions,” Farley added.

Breakdown of Ford F-150 Lightning Pricing

The base version of the Lightning will begin at $39,974 MSRP, while the mid-series XLT model will start at $52,974 MSRP. Ford has gone on record to increase production to be able to handle the amount of orders. The additional $250 million to ramp up their workforce by 450 for the production of the Ford Lightning is just one step the brand has made. The truck is expected to be ready for customers by the spring of 2022, less than a year from now. The Ford F-150 Lightning pickup will carry four trims and is taking aim at the pickup segment to continue selling the most popular truck in America. The Ford F-150 has sold as much as 787,422 total F-series vehicles in 2020 alone. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will be a surefire hit, for those looking to have a Ford F-150 pickup sent to their house or business, check with us at NowCar!

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