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Ford, Stellantis, and GM Side With President Biden To Help Customers Drive EVs

Written By, Brad R

The world is focused on removing gasoline from vehicles, an idea finally spearheaded by the major automotive manufacturers in the United States. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has set a new national goal that aims for half of all new car sales by 2030 to be electric vehicles. How possible is this lofty goal? The CEOs of General Motors Co., Stellantis, Ford Motor Co., plus the help of the United Auto Workers. The hope to reduce greenhouse gases is going to take a serious effort and now the right people are involved to curb the effects from decades of drivers. The process has already begun for many of these companies as the production of EVs has ramped up. 

“After unjustified delays by the Trump administration, President Biden is getting us back on the road to cleaning up tailpipe pollution, the largest source of carbon emissions," said Simon Mui, deputy director for clean vehicles and fuels at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Long Term Goals Are Settled

The hope of environmentalists and those who know the problems of gasoline vehicles long term. According to a report by the International Energy Agency, in order to hit net-zero CO2 emissions globally, there will have to be a  halt of all gasoline sales and even hybrid vehicles by 2035 in order to meet the Paris climate accord agreement. In regards to how this will happen, the goal is even larger for some companies. General Motors has said they want to increase this to as much as 100% of sales being EVs as soon as 2035. The biggest wave of buyers will come from those who grew up seeing EVs and experiencing them; the next generation of buyers currently too young to afford their own vehicles. This is expected to change within the next few years of this decade leading into the next decade. 

New Electric Vehicles Are Ready For Sale

Car buyers are always focused on taking home the vehicle that makes sense for their family, as these new EVs are available, these will be the right choice for many drivers. A company that is focused on technology and innovation is going to win over more buyers looking for daily commuters, family vehicles, and those looking to do their part for the greater good of mankind. Among the many choices that customers can make this summer, we’re proud at NowCar to offer a few new electric vehicles that will make driving a little bit easier with hassle-free technology and remarkable fuel efficiency. 

Buy From Anywhere With Our Help at NowCar! 

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock