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Dodge Reveals More Details Ahead of 2024 Dodge EV

Written By, Brad R

Dodge has introduced and spoken on new EV innovations arriving somewhat soon (later this decade), but they have also stated the news that will affect the brand within the next two years. With Dodge proclaiming its "Never Lift" program during the sixth-annual Dodge Roadkill Nights, an automotive celebration held in Pontiac, Michigan, we have tons to look ahead towards. The festival took place on the third weekend of August earlier this month. During the event, a press conference was held that gave Dodge fans, enthusiasts, plus media workers the chance to talk to the Dodge brass about anything their hearts craved. One such subject made was the electric plans that have been teased and announced to a degree for the muscle car brand. 

"When you make a big change, there’s going to be people that just aren’t going to follow you, at least initially. But a lot of those people will return eventually when they see we’re serious, and we’re going to be Dodge first," remarked Tim Kuniskis. 

Dodge Will Built An EV Ready For 2024

Focusing on the long-term calendar of introductions for the Dodge brand, fans will gain insight as official dates for the trim line changes to each particular Dodge vehicle during the subsequent months will be made. Brand new appearance-based trims that will offer meaningful upgrades, as well as the eventual date for the end of the current platform used on their muscle cars, are expected to be revealed in a timely fashion. The Charger and Challenger have been built and ridden on the same platform since their debut the decade before last (2006 and 2008 respectively). We have already discovered the freshest Dodge vehicle, the first all-electric Dodge muscle car set to become introduced by 2024. This date will arrive by sooner than most customers realize. 

“The new car comes in 2024. We didn’t say that the current cars are going to die in 2024. There might be a little overlap, but you’re not going to have years and years and years of the classic and the new one at the same time.” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge CEO

2021 Has Been A Successful Year For Dodge

We are quite deep into a remarkable year for the Dodge brand. The fourth quarter of 2021 begins in just over a month and a half and at some point is when we will see what is to come from the brand. Dodge saw their Challenger surpass the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro after the second-quarter sales of 2021. So progress has remained for the brand in 2021. The forthcoming "Never Lift" program is sure to be a hit for all Dodge fans and owners alike. Keep in mind, the celebrated run for the mean Dodge muscle machines has persisted as long as it has this time around thanks to high-powered manufacturing and plans that include over 800 horsepower stock in some of these vehicles. The next two years will include more than trim packages with appearance upgrades; as we've been told before. Will there be something to challenge the 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye? We are expecting more reports on the subject, but let us offer some particularly agile options ready for our customers to have delivered at their home or business through NowCar. The NowCar family is ready to have new members! We can't wait to produce the easiest experience our customers have ever had when purchasing a brand new vehicle. Keep in mind, we only offer new vehicles at NowCar. 

Build Your Next Vehicle With Our Assistance Through NowCar

Dodge has done outstanding work to keep drivers happy and this award is another reason to keep customers interested in the brand. Want to build a new Dodge vehicle to your liking? Reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think of the Dodge brand. For any new vehicle shopping needs you have, we can assist with all buying needs anytime at NowCar! Build your perfect ride with our help right now.

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