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Dodge Charger NowCar

The Electric Premise of Dodge Muscle Cars

Written By, Jordan R

Soon after Stellantis was formed, unlikely stories started floating around. Amongst the first was a couple of changes to SRT, the “Street and Racing Technology” team behind the most powerful Dodge muscle cars. Starting its long history with the legendary Dodge Viper, the SRT moniker can be found on a number of Dodge models to denote high performance. As it turns out, SRT is still alive and well, but some things are going to change going forward. For one thing, now with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) a part of Stellantis, a new leader has the tie-breaking vote on major decisions, and sights are currently set on Dodge for which brand to kick first. With Stellantis moving onto green and hybrid powertrains, the likes of the Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock has no place in this automobile group’s future.

As usual, Dodge was going too fast to get the memo. According to reports from the The Detroit Bureau, many were talking about designs currently in the works within Stellantis. Amongst them were many electric or electrified concepts as well as “the fastest Dodge ever”. With several European countries working towards banning all gasoline-powered cars, automakers like Dodge will have a hard time staying around if it continues to hold back the Stellantis brand when it comes to passing the CO2 standards of the European Union. Head Honcho Tavares is giving Dodge ten years to become profitable, or its sayonara muscle cars.

Now, hear us out. Dodge becoming an electric car automaker isn’t unheard of. At one point, there was an all-electric Dodge vehicle, even if not under the same name. Not many people may remember the Dodge Omni, but it was a rebadged version of the European Chrysler Horizon, lasting from 1977 to 1990. A front-wheel drive hatchback, the Dodge Omni had a cool design, but it didn’t last very long. Then along came an electric vehicle company known as Jet Industries. Looking for a base model for their new electric cruise, the Dodge Omni 024 coupe fit the design, and Jet Industries used the Dodge Omni as the foundation of its 23-horsepower eco-cruiser, an all-electric vehicle.

Back in February 2019 – before the Coronavirus pandemic and the global shortage of semiconductor chips – Mike Manley said Dodge will be getting an electric vehicle. The long and various lineup of Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger powertrains was going to see a huge change. With Dodge//SRT still in the mix, we can breathe easy that not all of the SRT engines will vanish, but there might be one or two of those at best – the 392 cubic-inch HEMI V8 and the SRT Hellcat engines are legends, after all. This is purely speculation, however.

Also on the horizon, from three years now, is talk of a Dodge Charger with a plug-in hybrid option as the first to roll out. It may surprise some, but the Dodge Charger is actually the older of the two siblings, once came with only two doors, and never disappeared from the market for more than 20 years. That last record is owned by the Dodge Challenger, hitting a crisis when oil became a problem, not that it still isn’t. There have been many rumors that the Dodge Challenger may be discontinued in favor of a Dodge resurrected Plymouth Barracuda, dubbed “The Dodge Cuda”. That would be cool, but it would be electric?

That is the question that Dodge will have to answer with any new concept the automaker is working on. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is more likely. After all, Jeep® didn’t dare to make the leap into all-electric models, even with the testament of torque generated at 0 RPMs from electric motors – Jeep was fearful of consumers not getting enough range, and settled for the 4xe series, a plug-in hybrid off-road vehicle. Stateside, we’re getting the one and only Jeep Wrangler 4xe. “Dodge Charger SET” doesn’t have the same ring to it – that’s “Street and Electric Technology”. Until Dodge goes green, find the high-performance models the automaker is known for by shopping for a Dodge//SRT online with NowCar.

Photo Source/Copyright: Dodge