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Chrysler Wows With Synthesis Interior Concept

Written By, Brad R

The Chrysler lineup is moving to add one more SUV made for the first time, with from the 2025 Chrysler Airflow, this ride become a massive hit, but before that arrival takes place Chrysler is currently impressing the automotive industry and fans alike with an all-new interior concept. This one is a refreshing creation for an interior that could make its way into upcoming Chrysler vehicles this decade. This interior has been listed as the Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator. The concept is a two-seat cockpit with a futuristic dashboard layout and an advanced infotainment system offering an in-depth preview of Chrysler's future EVs. The world will see the debut in 2025, but today we all have a glimpse of what’s expected to arrive. 

A Curious Case Of An Endless Dashboard Touchscreen 

The true highlights and main points of emphasis for this Chrysler concert arrives with the seemingly endless dashboard and the all-new 37.2-inch touchscreens that steal the attention from the chairs and everything else. Chrysler placed a futuristic touchscreen in front of the driver and one reaching the other half of the cockpit ahead of the passenger seating. The Stellantis brand has found a way to add a different software that Chrysler has dubbed the STLA Smart Cockpit. This allows owners to drive with a virtual assistant, various display modes, and updates that will be accessible directly from the vehicle. 

New Upgrades Arriving For Chrysler Brand

Found with this concept, the infotainment system is primed to be optimized with a driver-supporting Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities. This does not mean the driver can avoid driving responsibilities, but they might be required to handle less than ever before for any former or current Chrysler. This new system will be known simply as STLA AutoDrive. This is according to the engineers from Chrysler who have been placed on the record as noting the future will offer hands-free driving in upcoming vehicles. Keep in mind, in autonomous mode, the infotainment screen will allow the driver with video conferencing software and other functions, since the system will be upgraded from current Level 2 systems currently used in most vehicles with these functions. For the future, these upgrades will allow a driver to look off screen from the road when certain conditions are noted. 

How Far Away Is Self-Driving?

Many years, but the truth is Level 4 is listed as autonomous driving that is at another plateau that we’ve currently not reached. This is true even in the current roaring 20s of our present time. That might not be the case by the time 2024 is closer to 2025, but time will reveal how much EVs and autonomous driving can grow between now and then. For those who want to get started driving a new Chrysler vehicle can come to us today to begin the process. Looking ahead to the Chrysler electric vehicle lineup expansion and plans beyond that

And for our readers still wondering how all the focus came to be on electric vehicles, don’t worry, we have those minds covered when comparing the two offerings for new vehicle purchases between gasoline and EV rides. There’s a lot ahead that will be challenging for some owners to get used to, but not having to pay for gasoline or wait at gas stations just to fill up, we’ll be happy to see that day arrive. Want to drive the newest Chrysler vehicles? We have them ready to go for our NowCar readers.

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