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IIHS Gives Out Top Safety Pick+ Selections For 2021

Written By, Brad R

Take a look at the vehicles that have earned an award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for their Top Safety Pick+ award. There will not be many vehicles listed, that's because the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica minivan was one of only three selections in its segment to win this award in 2021. That's a short list of plenty of choices and we couldn't be prouder to offer this option for our NowCar customers. Consider that many buyers take the word of independent sources for reliable consumer information. On its list for must-haves for 2021 are among the vehicles earning its most important accolades and praise after hours of reviews and testing. IIHS has bestowed their award to very few vehicles with its Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ awards in November 2021, with many choices we have at NowCar being named. 

What Makes A Vehicle Worthy of Top Safety Pick+ Selection?

The honor received is warranted after each vehicle qualifiers meet six IIHS “crashworthiness evaluations” and meets a standard front crash prevention system. To gain the higher of the two awards (the one with the “+”), the vehicle must have Good or Acceptable headlights as standard across all trim levels of the model. Many vehicles, including a ton of the latest vehicles that are listed as a 2022 model have earned scores, but just few vehicles can actually claim to be selected for the highly sought after Top Safety Pick+ designation. 

Our Favorite Selections Among the IIHS Selections 

The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica minivans built after September 2021 have earned the most distinguished award from the IIHS. The minivan saw some upgrades that make the minivan suitable to receive this title. Earlier, the headlights received a Poor rating, due to excessive glare, but it’s now added with acceptable headlights and an upgraded front crash prevention system that won a Superior grade in the vehicle-to-vehicle test. Chrysler also received an Advanced rating in the vehicle-to-pedestrian test.

“Winning the highest IIHS safety rating of TSP+ distinguishes the Chrysler Pacifica’s superior safety technology and performance. The Pacifica is the perfect choice for modern families who are looking for a minivan with the greatest combination of safety, functionality, and value,” Chrysler brand CEO Christine Feuell remarked in a statement.

IIHS ranked the automatic emergency braking as "superior," the highest attainable IIHS grade. The technology recognizes when certain frontal collisions may be forthcoming. Should this be the case, the vehicle warns the driver visually and audibly. For any driver that doesn't make a move, the vehicle can actually active the brakes to avoid a collision thanks to the combination of cameras and radar sensors. This technology is used to grant a wider field of view than the previous system and generates redundancy, often allowing for raised technological performance. The Pacifica's pedestrian advanced emergency braking system scored an "advanced" rating. 

SUV Options To Consider

Shoppers that want a mid-size SUV choice, have more options for Top Safety Picks, as the 2021-22 Kia Telluride 4-door SUV was named a Top Safety Pick, with the 2021-22 Hyundai Palisade earning a Top Safety Pick+ selection. Of course, we have debated before which SUV we prefer more between those Hyundai and Kia options at NowCar. Other considerations for shoppers to consider would be the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLC and 2021 Mercedes- Benz GLA luxury SUV options. Both won Top Safety Pick+ recognition for the midsize luxury SUV segment.  

Lone Large Car Selection

The 2022 Kia Stinger is the only large car on the road today that has received a Top Safety Pick+ award. The 4-door hatchback won a + rating for the 2022 model as the 2021 model earned the Top Safety Pick selection. Only the 2021 Volkswagen Arteon 4-door hatchback won the same title as the Kia Stinger. The large car market is not quite the same segment that it once was as customers have opted for SUVs, pickups, and even minivans over the car segment in the past decade or so in global sales. There were a number of large luxury car selections, including the 2021-22 Audi A6 large car and Audi A7 vehicles

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