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The Next Phase For Chrysler Expansion

Written By, Brad R

We have spoken about the wonderful perks set to emerge with the all-new Chrysler Airflow EV, set to redefine the brand for customers. The urgency remains as the brand wants to show buyers this legendary automaker is more than just an iconic name in the market today; they are still a major player is the main sentiment Chrysler wants to get across. How does a brand offer that to shoppers? By ultimately uplifting their product and offering more vehicles in more segments. Chrysler just needs to add a few more vehicles to really reach the most important segments. 

Offering EVs Across the Whole Spectrum 

Will Chrysler have a fully electric SUV soon? Yes. Will they still offer their ultimate prize; the Chrysler Pacifica minivan with upgraded PHEV and eventual EV trims? That’s the plan according to the management. Of course, saying they are offering more is only half the battle. Chrysler is backing up their claims to engage with those looking for premium rides and some savings from the pump with ideas that are in-league with their wallets. By this time next year the amount of information available to prospective buyers should keep them very informed as to the next great era arriving shortly for Chrysler

What Is Next For the Pacifica Minivan?

The Chrysler Pacifica minivan is one of the few vehicles that has only become more improved. Last year, they earned an award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for their Top Safety Pick+ award. Now imagine what the future holds for this vehicle going forward as it goes with updates to take it from a PHEV to a fully electric ride within the next few years. Over the years, the Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid minivan gained buyers by having perks like its Stow-n-Go storage that saves owners the hassle of working to move space around just to fit what they need into their van. The amount of space generated by simply and easily moving the seating into the storage of the middle portion of the minivan has long been noted and celebrated by buyers. Chrysler will continue to develop the interiors the attract buyers, but it’s what is underneath the hood that will drive their sales for decades to come in the near future.

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