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Chrysler Improving EV Driving Limits

Written By, Brad R

Chrysler is planning to offer plenty of more vehicles than they currently will be for the next foreseeable future. They will still have some unsold 300 sedans and Chrysler Pacifica models and Pacifica hybrid rides that are available, but that’s all for now. The Chrysler plan is still set according to the Stellantis Chief Design Officer, Ralph Gilles, who manages the portfolio of all the major automotive brands under which Chrysler falls into. Many brands are scrambling to put together a game plan for just one brand, let alone multiple brands. He described the most recently dismissed concept as an enhanced, modern design than the previous design, but yet the Airflow concept is not the right fit for the brand.

Chrysler Aims For Massive Growth

The main reason for the big change came at the request of Chrysler Brand CEO Chris Feuell. The new top boss of Chrysler has a new eye and a fresh “rulebook they want to play by” according to the play set to change what the brands wants for the first ever Chrysler electric vehicle. We are betting on Chrysler perhaps add a pickup at some point with the way that they are jumping ahead with a massive production surplus. The brand is set to become very organized and offer a wide array of choices, but not before figuring out exactly how to extend the life of the vehicles, they will be offering that have an electrified capacity.

Battery Life Is A Key Factor To Get Right

Chrysler will be enhancing and working into the creation of dual volt options for customers. The next Chrysler ride will be offered with both 400- and 800-volt systems for rapid charging. Customers can go between a standard and long-range version, with a range of up to 400 miles. The Chrysler brand hopes to be on the forefront of advanced tech and will be a true adopter of the latest technologies in its vehicles when they arrive. That could include a Level 3 autonomous driving capability. The brand aims for what it calls "harmony in motion" with sustainable materials and seamless technology to improve communication, mobility management, and help the owner be more productive in daily life. Systems must be accessible, activated with a touch or two, and easy to use. Vehicles must all be obtainable at an affordable price,” Feuell said.

By then the floodgates will be wide and flowing for production. "Starting in 2025 you are going to see a succession of new products coming from us every single year," Feuell added, Chrysler plans to offer a whole new portfolio by 2028. She is not saying how many vehicles there will be in total. We can anticipate a wider crossover after the first one; a three-row SUV to go with the initial two-row. Chrysler will also add a full battery-electric crossover; this means no mix of powertrains to allow a simple production and consumer selection.

We hope those who are interested in finding out will reach out to us today. 

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Photo Credit: Jordan R (NowCar)