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Will This 2019 Ram Concept Become A Production Vehicle?

Written By, Brad R

Ram will grab the attention of many who love the outdoors if they actually turn their famed Ram 1500 Rebel OTG concept into a real production pickup. We might just get our wish as a patent filing was listed to claim its place. The "Off the Grid" Ram 1500 is well-known for its ability to effortlessly move to where a driver wishes nearly anywhere on any terrain off-road. All this while delivering the best views of a camping or nature visit. An entire campsite prepared Ram was a famous concept addition when witnesses first saw the pickup debut in 2019. Not many vehicles provide an getaway quite like the Ram 1500 Rebel OTG. Now, more than two years and a pandemic later, we are seeing the results of the hit of the 2019 SEMA show return. Whether or not an introductory plan is put into place to get this vehicle off the ground, time will tell.

Perks of the Ram 1500 Rebel OTG Truck

The outdoor equipment that is precisely geared to the Ram 1500 concept includes a stowable ladder, collapsible rooftop tent, an entire bed rack system that rests on the bed, and the off-road ready 35-inch tires on beadlock wheels are beefy. The original amenities that are unique and special include a solar panel set, auxiliary power supply, a retractable battery-powered cooler and kitchen unit with a gas stove and wide sink. Ram even built an on-board water system that encourages owners to actually go off-the-grid. The Ram 1500 Rebel OTG patent was filed with Ram reserving the tent, solar panels, fog lights, and the rack system in the bed as a part of the patent. And we might even see another Ram pickup get released as well before long. 

Ram Remains Unparalleled

Ram has been awarded quite a few times to start this year and even more will come as a result of all the dedication the brand has poured into their current 2022 pickups. Ram secured the loyalty award for its Ram 1500 for the 6th-year in-a-row last year at the Annual Automotive Loyalty Awards by IHS Market. Ram recently took home Autotrader's Best Car Interior Award. ales show that customers are more than pleased with this current generation of the Ram 1500 pickup option. With that, the strongest option remains Ram 1500 TRX. Curious about what the premiere Ram pickups became in 2022? A test-drive will supply tons of solutions to any inquiries and make an impression towards buying a new Ram ride with our support at NowCar.

We Can Solve All Your Ram Truck Desires

For those customers searching for a new vehicle, but haven’t found it in person, NowCar is the place for you. Can’t find the right specifications you were hoping to discover at the local dealership? That’s where NowCar can help, especially for those looking to drive the all-new Ram 1500. Let us be your total vehicle guide for anything you’re hoping to drive. You are not limited to a simple inventory lot at one location as we can assist you along the way to gain the vehicle you’ve always wanted.   Reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think of the Ram brand as of late.

We hope you talk to us on social media and let us know what you think about the Ram vehicles we sell. For any needs you currently have about buying your new vehicle, we can help at NowCar. Simply visit our website to search and build what vehicle you want directly from the comfort of your computer, phone or tablet. It’s never been easier to buy a new vehicle than today, with NowCar!