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What $4 Billion Invested Looks Like For Stellantis

Written By, Brad R

Stellantis is working to fulfill the electric vehicle destiny the automotive industry has begun. One of the largest automakers in the world is now opening dialogue about their moves. There is a collaboration between LG Energy Solution and Stellantis that includes a new battery factory that is a part of a $4 billion investment. Windsor, Ontario, a Canadian city, will serve as the host site for the new production plant. The total figure is listed as $4.1 billion and will create a total of 2,500 jobs. The goal to catch up to Tesla has now become a plan to surpass Tesla instead.

Inside the EV Movement

The electric car movement is growing with plans to see a plan we've written about that includes 25 electric vehicles to be offered in the United States by 2030. There will be two battery plants created in North America to help anchor the wave of batteries needed to power these EVs. The electric Ram 1500 pickup will debut in 2024 and an unnamed electric Dodge muscle car is set to debut in 2023, next year, as a 2024 model year vehicle. 

“Our joint venture with LG Energy Solution is yet another steppingstone to achieving our aggressive electrification road map in the region, aimed at hitting 50 percent of battery-electric vehicle sales in the U.S. and Canada by the end of the decade,” Stellantis’s chief executive, Carlos Tavares, said in a statement.

Jeep Is Getting Ready For New Concepts Next Month

Don't forget, the brands that represent Stellantis include Jeep as well. The Jeep brand is gearing up to showcase a new Wrangler and possible Jeep Gladiator concepts, as it did last year, at this year's 2022 Easter Jeep Safari event beginning for a week on April 9th, 2022. The event takes place every year in Moab, Utah with thousands and thousands of Jeep enthusiasts who bring their own Jeep creations to the small mid-western town of Moab. The gear-heads and Jeep lovers will get to look at the newest Jeep concepts created by the brand and share their own Jeep vehicles with the adoring crowds that come year after year to the desert to see the full extent of what their Jeep rides are capable of. Curious to get started on beginning a new journey in 2022 with all the support a Jeep vehicle offers customers. Adventure is starting to come for those who have the keys to a new Jeep ride, including a new Jeep 4xe trim option, talk to us at NowCar. 

Things sure are moving fast, but Jeep is definitely one automaker to keep its word. Stellantis is focused on producing more hybrid, PHEV, and electric vehicles (EVs), also known as BEVs these days. Keep up with us on NowCar social media to learn more about the Grand Cherokee 4xe and other green vehicles by Jeep. For any new vehicle shopping needs you have, we can assist with all buying needs anytime at NowCar! Build your perfect ride with our help right now.

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