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NowCar Chevrolet Bolt EV Charging Port

EV Competition Starting to Heat Up

Written By, Jordan R

After the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, we got a lot of information on what a handful of automakers are working on. With the industry making the shift over to electric vehicle (EV) development, artificial intelligence, and autonomous self-driving cars, creating a mobile living space is the vision of the future. That future is also probably a decade or so away, and the competition is fierce now. The alternative fuel vehicle market is blowing up, and it’s not just hybrids and plug-in hybrids anymore. Electric sedans, crossovers, and SUVs are all up for grabs. The market really getting attention is the electric pickup truck market after Rivian blew up on the internet.

Rivian, the all-electric startup that Amazon fully-backed during the first round of investments, came out with their first project, the fully electric pickup truck, and boy is it amazing. For those that want to go camping, this is the best of all pickup trucks to do it, and without any harmful fumes hurting the environment. Designed with a built-in kitchen that hides within the body of the truck, the truck comes with a stovetop with enough space two pots or pans on the top, a sink with a built-in water reserve, and a 30-piece kitchen set, including pots, pans, a cutting board, a coffee pot, utensils, plus a coffee pot and grinder. Aftermarket accessories already available are the new Rivian-branded Yakima 49 x 58 x 17-inches rooftop/bed-top tent. Recently verified for the road, the Rivian RT1 lit the match for the electric pickup truck.

During Stellantis Day 2021, the automotive group revealed many plans going forward and talk of electric models or lineups debuting within the next few years. One of these is Ram pickup trucks, finally getting in on the game with new Ram ProMaster vans designed to be battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) – also with a large fleet purchased by Amazon. Also on the horizon is a fully-electric Ram 1500 by 2024. When investors questioned how late the automotive group was to make the shift, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares responded with a key strategy.

“We’re getting ready the EV pickup vehicles for 2024, and we’re doing it by adjusting the specs and adjusting the efficiency in operate of what we see arising from our rivals…Now we have the chance to regulate the competitiveness and the enchantment of our personal vehicles to what they’re doing, which is a aggressive sport, which is a improbable state of affairs for the buyer as a result of the true winner of this competitors is the buyer.” – Tavares

Stellantis isn’t the only group making the change. Ford Motor Co. pulled all of their muscle cars from the states and instead poured resources into EV development. In the spring of 2022, the new F-150 Lightning is supposed to debut, and in 2023, the all-electric pickup truck will have its first tussle with the competition with the Chevrolet Silverado EV. Specs for the Chevy Silverado EV claim about 400 miles more range than the Lightning, a huge and considerable change. No wonder Stellantis is readjusting things, when more than 300 miles for an EV was once unheard of.

With plans to release an Equinox and a Blazer EV within the next year, General Motors has confirmed that its full-size pickup truck lineup is definitely going to see some changes. The goal is to show consumers that they’re not giving up anything when switching to an electric pickup, but gaining more than before. EVs have shown us in recent years that they can offer consumers more than just a different powertrain. According to what we saw during the 2022 CES, they can offer a whole new experience and still get the job done. That’s what a pickup truck is meant to do, after all.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Chevrolet