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Verizon's 'Vehicle' Service Adds New Tech and Safety to Older Cars

Written By, NowCar Team

Verizon Vehicle

While many new cars for sale in Orlando come equipped with a service like GM's OnStar, which provides security and safety features for connected vehicles, drivers of older or unequipped vehicles may be left out in the cold when an issue strikes.

But with a new device and service, Verizon is looking to connect those vehicles to an array of modern safety features. 

The service, Verizon Vehicle, will be subscription-based, operated using a device that connects to a car's OBD port. The company says the device will provide:

  • A roadside assistance service powered by GPS. Able to pinpoint services to an exact location for help with breakdowns, flat tires, overheating, dead batteries, or towing.
  • A service called "Automatic Urgent Incident Alert System" is activated when the service suspects an accident and let's the Verizon Member Care Center know to immediately dispatch help to your exact location.
  • SOS button that immediately connects drivers to a live agent in case of an emergency.
  • Diagnostic system that uses the OBD port connection to help drivers understand "Check Engine" light problems.
  • A Mechanic's Hotlines, which will connect subscribers with certified mechanics who can provide unbiased advice based on diagnostic information sent from vehicles.
  • Parking alert tools help subscribers find their vehicle in a crowded lot or city and also keep track of time left on paid meters.
  • Scheduled maintenance alerts keep drivers on top of their vehicles' regular maintenance to prevent guessing or performing maintenance too soon or late. 
  • Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance steps drivers through the process of reporting their vehicle as stolen, allowing authorities a better chance at recovering the subscriber's vehicle. 
  • Discounts on travel and repair costs are also said to be a perk of the Verizon Vehicle subscription. This includes savings on hotel stays, rental vehicles, regular maintenance, repairs, and additional travel-related expenses.

For less than OnStar's lowest-tier plan, it looks Verizon may be able to offer a competitive service that can connect to absolutely any car. That alone is something that will open it up to a whole new market of buyers.

The only question now is, will the company be able to market it to the right people in order to make it a success? We'll have to wait until later this spring to find out!