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New Cars for Sale in Orlando, FL

Car buying is not an exclusive business. There are over 100 car dealers with new cars for sale in Orlando, FL, meaning you have more than enough options to pick a dealership with great service and pricing. But it never seems to go that way. The reasoning behind that is the conventional model of car buying is broken and needs fixing.

That's where we come in.


Introducing NowCar


2015 Kia OptimaNowCar is the first option car buyers have to skip the dealership experience and buy a car completely online. No more sales pitches, haggling, upselling, or wasted time waiting for to close the deal. With NowCar, you can take your time researching vehicles in our online inventory to find the right car for you.  

Once you've found the perfect vehicle, you don't have to worry about having to drop everything and run to a dealership, where you may feel pressure to buy on the spot. Using NowCar, you have time to talk things over with your spouse or wait for the perfect time to buy without sale people putting you on the spot.  

But all of this would be worthless without one key thing: amazing deals. A car is the second biggest purchase most people ever make after a home, so we know that deals make or break sales. All of the convenience in the world can't save the average person a few hundred or thousand dollars, which is why we offer prices that are often lower than even the lowest possible dealership price.  

Without the overhead of a traditional dealer, we can pass huge savings onto NowCar customers. So not only will we save you time and frustration, we'll also save you money.  


Why NowCar is the Future


The essence of NowCar is the convenience factor. Buying a new car in Orlando and every other city in the U.S. has become a painful process for most people. What's supposed to be one of the biggest purchases you make has never really been excited, but what appears to be a battle between dealer and customer over price.

NowCar sets a price that we feel no dealer could possibly beat, which cuts haggling and negotiations out of the equation. And because we're completely online, you can always come back to check out new inventory or do research before you decide on a new car. After that, all you have to do is follow NowCar through the buying process and wait for your car to be delivered.

If you never thought it would be possible to have a car delivered, we're excited to make that a reality in 2015.


How NowCar Works


The way NowCar is set up is simple. We list our inventory of vehicles the same way any other site does, allowing you to research and compare models. But instead of sending you to a dealership to make the actual purchase, we do everything online. From the credit check and financing to actual delivery, there's no stepping into a dealership again with our new online car-buying platform.

The three step process will take no longer than it probably takes you to drive down to your local dealership. With all of that extra time saved without the pre-visit negotiations and actual buying process at the dealership, you can stop worrying about your car purchase and enjoy life. When it's most convenient for you, we'll bring your new car to your Orlando home or office.