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Time Again To Buy A New Car

Written By, NowCar Team

Time To Buy A New Car

It’s that time again. Time to buy a new car. Finding a moment out of your busy schedule to head all the way down to the dealership is tough without having to work around their limited hours.

You work full time, and the dealership isn’t even open on Sundays. Saturday, they are open from 10am-1pm, but let’s be honest - those hours are comical. You are already sweating and uncomfortable thinking about heading down to the dealership, and you haven’t even left the house.

In your frustrating chain of thought, it dawns on you: A trip to the dealership isn’t necessary when online car shopping is possible.

Online car shopping is not only possible but actually preferred over going into a traditional dealership, by most people. After heading online, you realize that even with a dealership's online car shopping tool, you will still need to make a trip to the dealership to seal the deal.

Your local dealership has an online car shopping section, but after the time it will take you to do everything and then travel to the dealership - you might as well just go in.

Just as you begin to mentally prepare yourself to go haggle with a salesman, you find A website that claims you can purchase your vehicle directly online from them, without leaving your house? Not even to pick up your car? Sounds too good to be true, right?


NowCar is the new way consumers are purchasing their vehicle online, and it is easier and safer than ever before.

What NowCar is All About

NowCar is a fully licensed car dealership. We aren’t one of those third party websites that are known for snatching your personal information and selling it. We exist solely to provide you with the best way possible to complete your online car shopping.

Forget the headaches, forget the uncomfortable exchanges, and say goodbye to needless price gouging.

Your mission is to buy a new vehicle. NowCar’s mission is to create a better vehicle buying experience.

We know that our formula works, and we are certain that if you give us a chance, you will be forever liberated from spending half of a day at a dealership just to buy a new car.

NowCar isn’t affiliated with any automotive brand, either. Our online sales representatives specialize in the automotive industry and are familiar with all vehicle makes and models.

Physical dealerships and even online branches of dealerships leave you with limited choices when purchasing a new car, truck, or SUV. Not NowCar. NowCar can connect you with the exact car you are looking for, whether it’s a Chevy Cruze, or a BMW 5-Series.

How We Save YOU Money

Save Money Buying Cars online

Our fully licensed dealership operates completely online. No physical building, means we don’t pay rent. There are no bills to keep up with, either. Our staff consists of online sales representatives to help you through your car buying process.

We have eliminated the need for dealership managers, finance representatives, office personnel, and other positions that car buyers end up paying for when they purchase a vehicle at a dealership.

Everything you don’t like about a dealership, has been taken out of our equation, leaving you with a positive and worthwhile experience. NowCar will even deliver your new vehicle, right to your door.

At the office during our business hours? No problem. We can deliver your car to your office, or wherever you will be during our delivery hours. Did we mention that delivery is FREE?

With no hidden costs, no tacked on dealership fees, and no price gouging, NowCar saves you money through every step of the car buying process.

Build, Buy, Save

At, you can sit in the comfort of your home, and complete the entire car buying process. Just like browsing inventory at a dealership, NowCar buyers are able to peruse our inventory and build their perfect vehicle, without having to pay to do so.

NowCar is much like a physical dealership in that respect. We don’t charge you for using our website, just like a dealership wouldn’t charge you for coming in to check things out.

You have the power to shop for your dream car online, without even having to leave the house. NowCar is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with representatives standing by to help you when you need it.

Our online shopping tool allows you to search for a vehicle by typing in your must have features.

This unique tool allows you freedom in choosing a new car, without being immediately tied to a certain make and model. You tell NowCar what is important to you in a vehicle, and NowCar will tell you what vehicles match your criteria.

A vehicle may pop up that is within your budget, that you may not have considered before. NowCar allows you to do price comparisons, market value research, and more - right from our website. We don’t want you to make a hasty decision when you buy your new car, but rather an educated decision based on research.

The NowCar model puts you in the driver’s seat. Not only of your new car, but of your entire online car buying experience. You purchase the vehicle you want to buy, not the one a pushy salesman convinces you that you want.

A limited inventory is also a non-issue with NowCar. You tell us what you want, and we will find your perfect car, to match exactly what you are looking for. Really, it is that easy.

Transparency and Financing

NowCar is different from other car buying websites, in that we are a fully licensed dealerships. We won’t mention any names, but those third party websites that promise you great deals if you purchase a vehicle online, end up selling your information, and playing price games.

These websites always end up displaying an attractive price on the car you’ve had your eye on. The number is promising, and you go ahead with the process of purchasing the car.

At the end of your transaction, after investing hours of your time, government taxes, fees, and other additions are tacked on to the price of your vehicle. WHAT!?

At NowCar, we don’t believe in the old bait and switch tactic. The price you see when you first click on a NowCar vehicle, is the price you pay. No dealer fees, no delivery fees, and no questionable fees.

We never tack on fees towards the end of your transaction, because all fees and taxes are already built into the price of the vehicle.

We said from the beginning that the entire car buying process at NowCar is done online. That even includes financing. We offer a secure credit application process, which allows you to get the most competitive finance options available.

We also offer an option for buyers to pay in cash, through an electronic fund transfer. Once you find your vehicle, a $500 deposit is collected, and later credited towards your down payment.

Flexibility Only NowCar Can Deliver

With NowCar, flexibility isn’t just a concept, it’s our mantra. We accept down payments of nearly every size, and will work with you to make your new car purchase work for your budget and lifestyle.

With that kind of transparency, why would you ever head into a dealership ever again? The good news is - you don’t have to.