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Buying Cars Online: Still a Personal Experience

Written By, NowCar Team

Man on Computer

If there’s anything that the explosion of online shopping has shown us over the last five years is that people are looking first for convenience. Second, they don’t want to compromise a personal experience. This creates a bit of a conundrum when considering that buying a new car online takes face to face contact out of the picture. How does one capture that personal experience they are looking for while shopping from the comfort of their home?

Yesterday’s Dealerships

Today’s consumers don’t want to deal with dishonest dealerships or pushy car salesmen. Even though most dealerships have worked hard to diminish such perceptions and stereotypes, many people feel it still exists and that is one thing tomorrow’s consumers are willing to forego.

The majority of today’s buyers have had at least, at one time or another, felt pressure from an overbearing salesperson, been inconvenienced with long wait times or irritated with the buying process that comes from shopping at a dealership. These hassles are what entice buyers to abandon yesterday’s buying process for a new online approach.

Personalized Shopping Experience

It has been recently reported by Capgemini Cars Online survey that today’s consumers want a totally individualized buying experience. What this mean is that buyers want an experience that’s personal to them, to their life and story. This means providing validation that their situation is unique and relevant in today’s market which requires a new and very adaptive marketplace.

Luckily, online car shopping websites, like NowCar, offer the ability to create an account where you choose how much information you want to give. Truly providing the freedom to get as personal or impersonal as you wish, NowCar wishes to leave all options up to the buyers.

Capgemini Cars Online 2015 Report

The most recent Capgemini Cars Online report has shown that buyers want a positive experience and they want more communication with and from their dealership, but they want to that to occur online. Because of the wide variety of online resources that are being utilized while researching and choosing a car, buyers feel this sort of request isn’t an outrageous one. Truthfully, it isn’t.

Consumers want instantaneous personalized online services. 95% surveyed said they expect a response to requests for such services within 24 hours, 69% want it in less than four hours.

When you choose for buying a new car online, you’ll be getting a personal associate to handle your exact account. Because you’re building the car that’s unique to you and not from an already selected inventory, you can be sure that your vehicle will arrive with all the specifications you require.