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Chrysler Has More New Vehicles Coming For Customers

Written By, Brad R

We've had our Chrysler brand and the changes they have made in recent years. Some investors and spectators might be happily surprised to see how far ahead they've gotten in the EV segment. In 2022, Chrysler will go into the future with decadent, modern, and dapper vehicles to offer shoppers. How will the Chrysler name really demonstrate they’ve done this? By offering perhaps the most evolved EV sedan on the market. We know plenty of causes why Chrysler can not seem to get away from its lone sedan choice, but they might have more coming this decade; the most recent entry? The new 2025 Chrysler Airflow coming out in about two years time.

How the Chrysler Brand Is Changing Its Image

In just a few years the Chrysler brand developed a strong grasp of the minivan market and it's pinnacle vehicle, the Pacifica has only become more important and successful for the brand. The minivan market for the Chrysler name will include two of their newest vehicles that shall tap into EV capabilities much like the Pacifica did several years ago. The newest effort for now is the Chrysler Airflow sedan concept that launched earlier in 2022 at the CES showcase. Chrysler CEO Chris Feull has expressed two more minivans will debut by 2028 offering to a total of four minivan options for the Chrysler brand. There was not a lot of revealing details delivered, but we anticipate a lot to be mentioned in the forthcoming months that will expand upon what we found at the 2022 CES show in January this year. 

What Chrysler Has To Say About the 2025 Chrysler Airflow

Keep in mind, the lush all-new, all-electric 2025 Chrysler Airflow Concept will be a top draw for the brand. With a leading-edge drive-system technology with instinctive AI and connected vehicle technology that delivers 350 to 400-mile range and fast-charging perks, the Airflow is a standout. The All-New Airflow Concept symbolizes Chrysler’s new contemporary, technology-forward design, featuring an elegantly LED-illuminated Chrysler wing logo on the cross-car grille and light blade. Customers gain a silent electric-powered ride that is as sharp as any on the market currently. 

Those making the calls from the top have realized the essential thing about class is how timeless this quality is. We are viewing the moves the Chrysler brand is making with so many upcoming new EVs, a new era of vehicles that go away from gas stations and costly costs to operate and into safer, environmentally friendly choices that will help propel sales. Fully electric vehicles are where the market is directed. Other brands are announcing they will set millions more to play catch up to brands like Chrylser. This is what will help them grow into a real EV player outside of their very popular Chrysler 300. Want to know more about the Chrysler brand and where they are going this decade?

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