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The Four Most Affordable Subcompact Cars of 2016

Written By, NowCar Team

Subcompact vehicles certainly aren't for everybody. Besides the lack of interior room (when compared to much larger vehicles), many subcompacts aren't particularly stylish or luxurious. Luckily, this means they're significantly less expensive than other vehicles on the market.

Of course, there is also a variety of reasons why you should be pursuing a subcompact (besides the low price). Considering the smaller design, most of these vehicles are rather fuel efficient, making them an excellent choice for those commuters with a lengthy drive. Furthermore, while the engines may not necessarily be powerful, you'll be mighty impressed at the capabilities (including speed and acceleration) of any of these smaller cars.

If you've established that a subcompact vehicle is the right choice, you may be finagling to fit the purchase into your budget. No need to fear, as we've compiled the most affordable subcompact cars of 2016. To see the best new car prices in 2016, continue reading below...

2016 Honda Fit: $15,790

The 2016 Honda Fit

Besides the impressive MSRP, the upcoming Honda Fit has generally been commended for its spaciousness and versatile engine. We would never confuse the vehicle for a powerful SUV, but you'll still be impressed with Honda's upcoming vehicle.

The interior's seating arrangement can be converted into a variety of different "modes" to best cater to the driver's needs. The Utility Mode allows the driver to hold and hide the Second Row Magic Seat, with the website suggesting the extra room will allow you to fit a bike or small couch. By folding down the passenger-side rear and front seats, the driver will be accessing the 'Long Mode,' allowing them to store a lengthy item (like a surfboard). 'Tall Mode' hides the second row, giving the driver an additional four feet of vertical space (an ideal function if you're transporting a small tree).

In total, there's a maximum 95.7 cubic feet of passenger volume and 52.7 cubic feet of cargo volume (or, with the seats up, you'll have around 16.6 cubic feet). Rear passengers can expect a comfortable riding experience, even for a subcompact. With 37.5-inches of headroom, 39.3-inches of legroom, 52.6-inches of shoulder room and 45.1-inches of hip room, the Fit actually may be one of the roomiest vehicles in the entire class!

The impressive In-Line Four-Cylinder engine is capable of pumping out 130 horsepower and 114 pounds-feet of torque. Perhaps most impressively, you can expect a 32 combined mile per gallon (with the six-speed manual transmission) or a 36 combined mile per gallon fuel efficiency (with the Continuously Variable Transmission). To help further improve the vehicle's efficiency, the engineers included a number of impressive fuel-saving features. The Eco Assist function uses colors on the speedometer to alert you of your driving efficiency. Meanwhile, the ECON Button can be activated to provide a more fuel-efficient trip.

2016 Scion iA: $15,700

The 2016 Scion iA

There are several ways the new Scion iA stands out from the other vehicles on this list. The stylish exterior can be customized however you want, the interior includes a number of amenities not usually seen in a base model, and the engine is both fuel efficient and powerful.

The vehicle's website describes the exterior design as being both "energetic" and "sleek," leading to an impressive, aerodynamic driving experience. With a "piano-black bumper" and "chrome grille surround and tailpipe," your fellow drivers will likely be shocked when they learn what you paid for the car. Furthermore, you can build the exterior of your car, choosing from seven different colors: abyss, frost, graphite, pulse, sapphire, stealth, and sterling. This allows you to truly make your Scion iA your own.

Head to the inside, and you'll find a number of exclusive features and capabilities. It starts with the seven-inch touchscreen display, which allows you to access navigation, radio, and phone capabilities... all with the sound of your voice. The screen will also provide you access to the backup camera, allowing you to see whatever may be hiding behind your new car. Finally, the engineers included the Remote Keyless Entry with Push-Button Start, which won't only make your ride easier and more convenient, but it also adds a sense of security to your Scion.

While the 1.5-liter engine may only pump out an underwhelming 106 horsepower and 103 pounds-feet of torque, the unit has been commended for providing an enjoyable and powerful ride. Furthermore, many reviewers have appreciated the 33/42 mile per gallon city/highway fuel efficiency. Even if the system didn't outperform its specs, we'd still say it's an engine worth pursuing.

2016 Kia Rio: $14,165

The 2016 Kia Rio

For such an affordable price, you wouldn't expect this combination of luxury, power, and dependability from a vehicle. Luckily, the engineers of the upcoming Rio wanted to assure that their car was more than just "fuel efficient," resulting in perhaps the most luxurious model in the nameplate's history.

While the Rio's body may have been revamped, the subcompact keeps many of its popular and recognizable attributes. John Voelcker of notes that the new design included "tidy dimensions and rakish bodies," proving that the brand was willing to remain modern without compromising their Rio style. The interior has also been upgraded, including several retro details that help add a level of sophistication to the vehicle. In addition to the wood and upholstery, the interior also includes a large touchscreen display, which will allow the driver to access a navigation system, satellite radio, and many basic phone capabilities.

While the exterior and interior have undergone several changes, the dependable and (surprisingly) powerful engine remains basically the same. The 1.6-liter I4 engine (coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission) can pump out 138 horsepower, and you can expect the unit to deliver an incredible 31 combined mile per gallon fuel efficiency.

If you're looking to add some amenities to the standard Rio, you won't have to break the bank. The LX is about $1,500 more expensive than the base, and the EX is about $2,000 more expensive than the LX. If you prefer the top-of-the-line SX trim, you'll only have to dish out a reasonable $20,755.

2016 MINI Cooper: $21,700

The 2016 MINI Cooper

Sure, the MINI Cooper may not necessarily embody its name (many pundits have complained about the small and cramped interior). However, if you're using your subcompact car as a commuter vehicle, then the popular vehicle may actually be the choice for you.

The interior, while small, is still very luxurious. Featuring upscale materials, a number of technological amenities (like a user-friendly infotainment system, six-disc DVD player, and a Harman Kardon audio system), and automatic climate control, a commuter will absolutely fall in love with their new subcompact.

Furthermore, the MINI Cooper provides one of the most entertaining and enjoyable rides in the class. With a standard turbocharged three-cylinder engine, drivers will receive a surprising amount of acceleration. To put it over the top, the engine will deliver a 28 city/39 highway mile per gallon fuel efficiency. If consumers are looking for even more power, they can opt for the livelier turbocharged four-cylinder motor. Whether the mechanics include the manual or automatic transmission, the MINI still delivers excellent handling capabilities, as well as responsive steering and brakes. You truly won't get a better all-around driving experience from another subcompact car.