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The Best Way To Buy A Car

Excited Buying A Car Online

It rarely happens in an adult’s life when they get excited about researching and buying their next car. Usually, this is a task that is met with regret, anticipation and a general malaise. Even if you know the car you want is available, you also know the buying process is going to mean giving up at least one entire day, most likely a beautiful sunny weekend day, where you will be negotiating, test driving, negotiating more, talking to a whole host of people who want your signature NOW!

Luckily for us as we head into the future, the brilliant minds behind have devised a new way of buying cars and that is online.

Think about this for a minute. We live in a society where you can order anything from pizza to a bedset, to a trampoline online and have it delivered to your house just from some simple clicks of the mouse. What proposes is that buying a car, can also be that simple. As it turns out, it also happens to be the absolute best way to buy a car.

Buying a car online is the best way to buy a car!

At you type in the car you want including all the specifics. They present that car to you and what you’ll find is that price they offer is lower than what you’ll find at any dealership. It’s lower than any price because they don’t employ a sales team or overhead costs. From there, buying the exact car you want is only a matter of clicks. It couldn’t be more simple. No caveats. No gimmicks. No sales pitch. Just you getting exactly the car you want.

Don’t Believe me? Keep reading...

One of the best perks to buying your car online, besides complete convenience, is total anonymity. How does anonymity help the purchasing process? No one gets to judge you for wanting to purchase a car. There are no stares from anyone, no wondering when your partner or parent is going to show up to help you. No stereotypes to play into. Just you. You have all the information needs to get the process not only started but completed and it’s just that easy.

You already know how to do your online research and you know which car you want. This process simply means no one breathing down your neck and no long waits. This new model of shopping for and purchasing cars online truly caters exactly your needs and wants.

Buying Online is Still a Personal Experience

Personal Experience When Car Buying

If there’s anything that the explosion of online shopping has shown us over the last five or so years is that people are looking first for convenience. Second, they don’t want to compromise a personal experience. This creates a bit of a conundrum when considering that buying a car online takes face to face contact out of the picture. So, how does one capture that personal experience they are looking for while shopping from the comfort of their home?

Individualized Shopping Experience

In an effort to give the consumer exactly what they are looking for, is prepared to provide a totally individualized buying experience. This means that buyers want an experience that’s personal to them and their life story.

What plans to do is provide validation that their situation is unique and relevant in today’s market which requires a new and very adaptive marketplace. By offering the ability to create an online account, the shopper gets to choose how much information is available, they choose their level of comfort and provides the best choices for that shopper. Truly providing the freedom to get as personal or impersonal as you wish, wishes to leave all options up to the shoppers.

Shop At Your Own Pace

By creating an online account and profile, you set your own pace and determine how much shopping or research you get done. This allows you to research and shop anywhere there is WiFi connection; from your local coffee shop to the comfort of your couch, as long as you have online access, you can navigate your shopping experience. couldn’t make this more convenient for you.

The Future of Car Buying is Negotiation Free

Yes, you read that correctly. No need to adjust your screen. The future of car buying will be happening predominantly online which will eliminate the need for negotiating. As we head into a future where you can purchase anything you want, we find ourselves heading into an economy where the marketplace isn’t what it has always been. We’re so used to going to an actual brick and mortar building that to think of shopping in a totally different way means we get to redefine what the marketplace actually looks and acts like. We are living in an exciting time where we get to make the rules. Cars are one of the last frontiers for online shoppers to conquer and is leading the charge on that front. Have you begun to consider what buying a car online would entail, what it looks and feels like?

I know it sounds different as it wouldn’t be the tangible experience you’re used to, but it would also mean plenty of other things like no pushy salesmen and no all day affairs just to test drive cars.

Pains of Dealerships

Pains of a car dealership

Today’s consumers don’t want to deal with dishonest dealerships or pushy car salesmen. Even though most dealerships have worked hard to diminish such perceptions and stereotypes, many people feel it still exists and that is one thing tomorrow’s consumers are willing to forego.

The majority of today’s buyers have had at least, at one time or another, felt pressure from an overbearing salesperson, been inconvenienced with long wait times or irritated with the buying process that comes from shopping at a dealership.

It can sometimes be worse if you’re a woman attempting to buy a car.

It’s an unfortunate truth that even today’s society, the majority of women feel more comfortable having a man with them when purchasing a car or even when visiting a dealership. Statistics prove that a woman who visits a dealership alone is likely to be ignored, quoted higher prices, not given correct or all the information that a man would be given. The unfortunate truth is that she is more likely to be patronized than her male counterpart.

And who wants to give up their entire Saturday or Sunday they worked all week for to spend at a dealership? There will be paperwork. There will be negotiating. There will be trips to other dealerships. There will be more negotiating. These hassles are what entice buyers to abandon yesterday’s buying process for a new online approach.

Buying Cars Online: A New Approach

The good news is that online car shopping eliminates such biases and aggravation. When you buy a car online, you can do all the shopping, ordering and buying process in a few clicks and have it delivered to your house with no negotiating, no settling for a car you don’t want and all with no hassle. That’s what websites like can do for you. They are working to redefine the car shopping experience so it’s not the unpleasurable experience it so often can be, today.

Helpful Hints for Online Car Research

With the enormity of misinformation available, it becomes important to learn how to properly navigate your searches and gain the best knowledge to help in your quest for the right car. Even though avoiding dealerships means avoiding the gimmicky sales pitches, the internet comes its own caveats.

The following are helpful hints that will guide you to a satisfying online car shopping experience.

Read Reviews

While the brand website will have all the most informative information necessary, that alone does not complete the process. Go to websites where expert and customer reviews are given. These will give you a better understanding of how the car drives, its handling, and performance, if its better on the highway or in the city. Maybe you’ll find that there is a better trim you can purchase that you didn’t consider before.

Check Your Facts

Visit numerous websites. Remember that brand websites (Chevrolet, Toyota, Subaru) will have all of the information you need regarding initial price, costs of extra amenities, different trim levels. Write down the price of the car you want. Refer back to that price when you get to and be amazed at what you are saving by shopping and buying online at

Go to

When you first visit you’ll be invited to search for cars using three different variants; styles and features, price, and payment or make and model. Catering to your comfort level is the best place to start.

From there, you set the pace that you want to research or save your vehicles. You can be as vague or specific as you want, but keep in mind the more specific you are, the more narrow your search becomes. is letting you redefine the car shopping experience. Settle in and get comfortable.
You make the rules now.