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NowCar Chevrolet Camaro Muscle Car Future

What Is the Future of Muscle Cars?

Written By, Jordan R

What does the future of muscle cars look like? A little confusing, honestly. With muscle car automakers switching gears more than once for a lack of a better word, it doesn’t seem like anyone is really willing to commit. Ford Motors may be the sole muscle car automaker to bite the bullet, having scrapped its muscle car lineup, the Mustang, and bragging about their upcoming electric vehicles to meet the growing demand of alternative fuel vehicles, but Dodge and Chevrolet, really the only muscle car automakers around at this point, are still chugging along. If anything, Dodge is in denial, constantly releasing models with higher and higher horsepower ratings, and for what? No one is dropping $80k on a vehicle designed for nothing but the racetrack – looking at you SRT Super Stock. So, what will it take for an automaker to take the plunge?

Taking a look at the first automaker to electrify a muscle car is Ford, with the new and upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E. If that “E” doesn’t stand for electric, then it sure is a poor choice for the name.  We’re sure the automaker also knew that slapping the Mustang name on a high-riding, four-door electric crossover would be upsetting. Many fans scrambled to the forums of the internet to complain about Mitsubishi Motors changing the beloved Eclipse into a crossover, and the teasing ideas of doing the same to the Lancer. If an automaker is going to bring back a racecar name, you don’t turn it into a crossover or SUV, that’s just plain heresy. Going back to Ford, there was even an online petition at one point, but 1000 signatures isn’t enough to fill pockets, so who really cares? The Mustang Mach-E is ready to roll whether muscle car maniacs like it or not.

Okay, what about Chevy and Dodge? It’s true, Chevrolet doesn’t seem to be as forthcoming with the idea of going electric or even plug-in. Although the Camaro is the slowest-selling muscle car on the market, and the price tag is no surprise, Chevy is working on a Gen6 version of the Camaro to break back out into the market. Now, originally, General Motors CEO Mary Barra is known for discontinuing models that aren’t doing fairly well, but GM also got itself into a mess with Australia, committing to the new Gen3 rules in the Australian Supercar racing series and plans to enter a Camaro ZL1 in the beginning of the series and new championship in 2022. It’s a multi-year commitment, set expire in 2026, so backing out or doing a very expensive redesign will just tank stock market shares if not lose consumer trust.

On the other hand, GM has also committed to invest $27 billion into the production and launch of 30 battery-electric vehicles by 2025. Is a Camaro in the mix? A year ago, Chevy released a video showing off its all-new modular EV platform and the possibilities that may come forth. Still, no real answer. So, that brings us to Dodge, currently the muscle car King with the Challenger and the Charger. Yes, many consumers consider the four-door sedan a muscle car, suck it up. When an automaker puts the SRT logo on a vehicle and a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye is already in production. That’s right, a Demon-inspired muscle car – the “Demon-possessed” 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye – will soon hit the streets.

No word on Dodge going electric, though. There are some rumors about Dodge discontinuing the Challenger and bringing back the Viper to replace its high-horsepower lineup. Even more rumors have mounted to a reincarnation of the Plymouth Barracuda with a Dodge decal slapped on. The Barracuda was one of the first pony cars that gave rise to the muscle car race, and with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA; Stellantis) constantly registering the trademark for keeps, eventually it’s going to be put to good use. Perhaps the new Dodge Cuda will be the first vehicle to come with an electric motor from the automaker. Of course, rumors are just that – rumors.

Until one of these automakers go bankrupt and realize they’re stuck in the past, muscle cars are here to stay. We just don’t know how much longer. That’s why now is the perfect time to get a great deal by shopping for a new muscle car online with NowCar. We’re always trying to get our consumers the best deal and savings, so log on now.

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