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NowCar Ram 1500 BEV Revolution Jump Seats

Ram Unveils Revolution 1500 BEV Concept Jump Seats

Written By, Jordan R

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) quickly came and went, but not without some interesting first-looks at new tech for consumers and in the auto industry. We got a closer look at the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit, powered by Stellantis and its STLA SmartCockpit powered by Amazon. Ram Revolution 1500 BEV Concept was also unveiled, giving us some tidbits of information and interesting details. One that stood out was the third row, a first for pickup trucks and especially the Ram 1500. Some may be thinking, “A third row? Where will it go?” And that is the correct question.

Take a look again at the image above. Those are a preview of the third-row seats in the upcoming electric Ram 1500 light duty pickup truck. When Ram first announced its 1500 BEV concept, the automaker was very transparent about the third row. Yes, they were building a three-row pickup truck, but it’s less like a bench seat – not even bucket seats – but more like jump seats. What are jump seats? Think of old-timey station wagons, where the kids were in seats that came out from the sides of the interior cabin, or were turned around completely to face the trunk. Anyone who saw the Brady Bunch can probably recall what that looked like.

To make these a little safer, and since the Ram 1500 BEV is still a pickup truck with a truck bed, the third-row jump seats will be pop-up seats installed into the back of the cab. This wall also doubles as a mid-gate when needing to store longer items, and because the jump seats can fold up into the back wall, this also opens up space in the cab for more storage behind the first and second row. It’s leagues better than the jump seats in the back of old extended cab pickup trucks, and much safer to boot!

It’s an innovative idea, but there’s a lot of hot debate already circling these new photos and the jump seats in question. Whether they will be useful or useless isn’t for us to say, but we don’t see any seatbelts anywhere. That means, passengers will literally have to hold onto their seats if the ride gets a little bumpy. In the old days, jump seats were never made to last long trips, and were a last resort when the station wagon already filled up the first and second row.

NowCar Ram Revolution BEV Concept Interior

The Ram Revolution 1500 BEV concept does look fancy in other areas, though. A stylish interior cabin with nifty tech completely does away with all the buttons and knobs. It seems like this will be the first step for Ram Truck to go digital. The instrument cluster has been going digital for some time now, and pop up or projected heads-up displays (HUDs) are becoming the norm, but a smart assistant that can also point out upcoming exits and possibly road obstructions can be pretty handy on the highway.

Learn more about the Ram Revolution 1500 BEV concept as new information is released when you follow us on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Ram Truck