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NowCar 2023 CES Ram Revolution 1500 BEV Concept Front Fascia

The Ram Revolution 1500 BEV Concept Offers First-Look at 2023 CES

Written By, Jordan R

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started in early January, and a lot of cool appliances, electronics, and gadgets showed up. In recent years, automakers have also been getting more active with (CES) to show off what they’re working on, like Stellantis and the STLA SmartCockpit. Just one part of the STLA platform many future Stellantis models will be riding on to keep consumers connected, it’s already popped up in two models. The first was the Chrysler Airflow concept last year, and this year, it’s the new Ram Revolution 1500 BEV Concept. Initial details have been finally revealed for this new electric pickup truck.

STLA Platform

The STLA Platform is made up of the STLA Brain, STLA Cockpit, and STLA AutoDrive. Chrysler gives us a closer look at the STLA Cockpit at the 2023 CES, and it seems like a lot of this is bleeding into the all-electric Ram 1500 concept. Level 3+ autonomy capabilities allow the consumer to use the vehicle as more than a mobile device. By activating this mode, the steering wheel retracts to offer additional space to the driver and front passenger. Furthermore, the center console can be removed and converted into a workstation. For consumers who need more out of their vehicle, this is just the start.

Outstanding features include a new vehicle personal assistant artificially intelligent (AI) program, complete with its own face avatar when responding to the driver. This virtual assistant may be able to resound to certain commands and bring up applications like My Day, an intelligent trip planning system that configures itself based on user schedules and preferences. This AI can also control the vehicle and have it follow the driver to a nearby site, like a picnic area, and from outside the vehicle, the user can give commands like “play music” or “take a picture” to capture the moment. In the same vein, consumers can control their smart home and connected devices through the giant new touchscreen.

NowCar 2023 CES Ram Revolution 1500 BEV Concept

Leading-Edge Tech

The technology in the cabin of the Ram Revolution BEV Concept is phenomenal. An Advanced Augmented Reality (AR) Heads-up Display (HUD) has been installed with an advanced camera and sensor technology to assist drivers on the road and allow them to see objects outside of their normal view, show vehicle data, and more. Greeted by a 28-inch touchscreen, consumers will be wowed when they realize they can actually split the display into two. One can slide up the cabin along the new Ram Track, Ram’s rail attachment/floor track system, and the lower display can be moved around the cabin to give rear passengers access to infotainment, video games, and more. If looking for a real lounging experience, activate Level 3+ autonomy, move the center console out of the way, and activate the built-in exterior projector to watch a movie.

Another piece of tech thanks to the STLA Platform are multiple cabin modes. Allowing consumers to adjust multiple parts of the interior cabin, such as interior lighting, seat position and orientation, window and skylight opacity, vehicle suspension, sound zones, and content displayed, this can make watching that movie even better by changing the seating configuration. Consumers can even have a little pow wow with their rear passengers, able to turn around and treat the cabin like a limo, now designed with three rows – front, second, and third row jump seats (seats installed and/or folded into the sides of the cabin. Going outside of the vehicle, a lot of people with a truck have a pretty good idea what their pickup can fit, but in case they’re a little unclear when shopping, a new intelligent storage mobile app can scan a product’s barcode using a built-in AR camera. The app will show drivers how that product may fit in the truck bed. This includes the total 18-feet (in length) made possible with the new truck bed (tailgate closed) and pass-through rear window.

NowCar 2023 CES Ram Revolution 1500 BEV Concept Style

New Style

The exterior of this Ram Revolution 1500 BEV concept certainly looks different than the Ram pickup trucks of today. More muscular and sitting on an hourglass figure, front fender flares give this BEV truck some attitude. Matching the rugged look of the vehicle body, the entrances mirror old west grand saloon-style doors for getting into the vehicle. Practically shouting “I am an electric vehicle”, the Ram Revolution comes with LEDs all around the vehicle body, plus an LED, animated new modernized “R-A-M” badge on the front grille. Electric vehicles (EVs) are also known for offering more automatic and powered features. This includes a powered tailgate, powered side steps, and a powered rear step with active diffuser, a new powered frunk with one-touch open-and-close functionality, a powered charge-port door on the driver’s side, and a powered mid-gate also comes with powered glass.

Inside and out, the Ram Revolution concept is larger. Heck, there’s even a larger configuration called RamBox, riding on clear 35-inch tires. The default smaller version comes with 24-inch tires. Inside, there is a lot more room for passengers and/or cargo with the placement of two electric drive modules. With one at each end of the vehicle, the interior cabin floor is much more spacious, and with three rows in a pickup truck, that’s saying a lot. High class materials like Greyslate Nanostone veneer and Apple leather cover make up the upholstery, and convenient features like activating sun visors can be done with the swipe of the hand. The entire roof is made up of electro-chromatic panels, and consumers can change its opaqueness, able to have a solid color roof or one that’s completely see through to let in the sun.


Not a lot on the EV power system has been released just yet. For now, we know the Ram Revolution 1500 BEV concept is powered by the aforementioned EDMs. Power output hasn’t been announced, but multiple options like those of the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT BEV concept could be possible. Changing the game, the Ram Revolution can charge up fast, adding 100 miles of driving range in just ten minutes. Plus, consumers can buy and install a robot, called the Ram Charger, that can sense the vehicle’s battery power and recharge it autonomously.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis Media