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Car advice for camping and attending music festivals

Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer Road Trips and Camping!

Written By, Chloe L.

School’s are wrapping up the school year and summer is around the corner! For some people, that means road trips, camping and music festivals! Whether camping at a park or camping at a music festival, your vehicle will become your temporary home for a few days and there are definitely some things you should do for yourself and your car before you embark on a trip!

Getting There

Tune Up

Before any road trip, you should always check your tire pressure, oil level and other important fluids!

Speed Limits

Your road trip can get a lot more expensive if you are not aware of the speed you are traveling. Not only can speeding result in a big fine, but it can also cost you at the gas tank. Speed limits are set to keep people safe AND because those speeds have been determined to be the most fuel efficient (i.e. cars are much more fuel efficient traveling at 70 mph than 90 mph). To avoid a ticket and burning extra gas, use cruise control and be aware of the speed limits.

But we do know that some people have a lead foot, and if that’s you, check out this list to find out the speed traps around Florida.

Selecting Your Vehicle

Be realistic with the amount of equipment you are bringing before you embark on your journey. If you have a lot, then try to see if one of your friends with a big vehicle like an SUV or minivan can drive. If you only have a sedan as an option, consider lightening your load or investing in roof racks so you won’t have to leave things behind at the last minute.

Music Festival Prep

If you are headed to a music festival where you will be camping, expect to hit serious traffic before you get there. To avoid frustration and even the possibility of running out of gas, Google the average traffic situation to get into the festival before you leave. It will save a lot of headache.

Also, before you get too close to the festival, be sure to fill up your gas tank. Not only will you likely hit traffic to get into the festival, but surrounding stations will likely have very long lines when it is time to leave.

While Camping


Whether you are worried about losing your keys or someone getting into the valuable things you have locked in your car, keys can be a problematic thing when camping. It’s really impractical to keep your keys on you at all times and there’s nothing to keep someone from finding your keys if you have hidden them, but thankfully, there is a solution to the problem.

A couple companies have made really cool devices that turn a vehicle’s hitch (typically found on an SUV, minivan or truck) into a mini lock box. Once you attach the device to your hitch, all you have to do is put in a four-digit code to lock and unlock the little box, which is big enough for keys. Once you have set up your site and don’t need to get into your vehicle any more, just lock them up and no more worries of where they are or who might have found them.


Leaving a vehicle’s automatic interior lights on and running their car battery dead is one of the first mistakes all first-time campers make. Once you get to your campsite, turning off your vehicle’s automatic interior lights should be the first thing you do.

Any other advice you think people should know about camping? Let us know on our Facebook! If you are in need of a new car for your big camping trips this summer, you can shop all of our SUV, truck, minivan and sedan and buy a new vehicle online here!