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Ten Notorious Speed Traps in Florida

Written By, Harley Rothfeld


There is nothing like starting your four-day Thanksgiving weekend off with an expensive speeding ticket! Bah-hum bug. Here are ten of the most notoriously well-known and common speed traps in Florida. This list doesn’t mean you can or should speed anywhere else, it just means be very cautious of your speed limit when going through these areas. If you do get pulled over, be courteous to the officer. You never know if they’ll let you off with a warning.

Oh, and once you are out of Florida, don’t get too comfortable. According to Thrillist, Georgia is rated number 18th in the nation for speed traps and South Carolina is rated 17th.

Australian Ave. and 25th Street, Palm Beach

This intersection is known to be heavily covered by cops waiting to pull you over. Motorcycle cops have been spotted hiding behind trees with the radar gun just waiting! Don’t forget the speed limit here is only 35 mph. Watch out!

Pinellas Bayway, St. Pete

The speed trap is located right after the toll booths. Once you get through the toll sections be extra careful and slow down. There is frequently an officer sitting in an unmarked vehicle waiting for people to fly by.

U.S. Highway 19 South, Clearwater

The trap is generally right near the overpass at Gulf to Bay Dr. Watch out for motorcycle cops at the end of the ramp. They are known to be sitting and waiting for speeders.

US Highway 1, Melbourne

US highway 1 is a known speed trap up and down the entire highway. A common area for speed traps is between Melbourne and Sebastian.

Lake Underhill Road, Orlando

Law enforcement tend to wait to pull people over where exit 14 merges onto Lake Underhill Rd. Beware, the rule of keeping up with the traffic doesn’t apply when everyone is speeding!

Old Lake Mary Road, Sanford

The speed traps on Old Lake Mary Rd. tend to be at the intersection of Old Lake Mary Rd. and Crystal Lake Ave. It is easy to get pulled over here because the speed limit drops from 45 mph all the way to 25 mph in a short distance, so if you are driving through this area, pay close attention to the speed limit.

West International Speedway Boulevard, Daytona

I mean speeding through Daytona just seems like the thing to do because well, it’s Daytona. However, we recommend not doing so, especially on W. International Speedway Blvd. Cops love to hide around there specifically near LPGA and wait for someone to speed on by.

Baseline Road, Ocala  

Police can be seen all up and down Baseline Rd. One spot particular is right around SE 58th. The speed limit used to be 55 mph, but is now 45 mph, so keep an eye out!

NW 39th Avenue, Gainesville

Considering that Gainesville is a college town, you may expect more police activity. One road to particularly ride the speed limit on is NW 39th St. Generally cops hang out around the intersection of NW 39th and NW 6th streets. Keep in mind there are school zones in this area so tickets will be expensive.

I-295 Southbound, Jacksonville

Last but not least, I-295 Southbound in Jacksonville. This spot tends to have a good amount of police activity especially near Blanding blvd. Once you go over the hill there are usually 2 cops sitting at the bottom waiting to see who comes flying over that hill.

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Whether you live in one of these cities or plan to visit them, keep these speed traps in mind, and as always stay safe! If you have been looking for a new car look no further! Check out NowCar and lease or buy a vehicle online and have it delivered ASAP free of charge.

Photo source: Shutterstock