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Nissan to Invest $500 Million in US Assembly Plant for EV Production

Written By, Jordan R

Today, every automaker is starting to feel the heat for alternative fuel development. With many making the shift and pouring resources into electric vehicle (EV) development, it seems like everyone has their plans to “take over the world of EVs”. At least, that’s the competition we see brewing between Kia Corp and Nissan. Kia Corp announced in 2020 its Plan S Strategy to hold a 6.6-percent global EV market share, with plans to add 11 EVs to the lineup by 2025. A year later, Nissan released its first-ever EV plan, with the launch of 15 EVs by 2030, plus eight more electrified vehicles. Like Kia America bringing the EV6 to the states, Nissan is picking up the pace and turning its Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant in Mississippi into the center for U.S. EV production.

“For nearly two decades, Mississippians have kept our state at the forefront of the world’s automotive industry…The announcement that Nissan Canton is shifting some production to EVs further positions Mississippi as a leader in this crucial economic sector. We are a top state for automotive leaders, and this significant investment by Nissan in the Canton facility lets the world know that we are open for business and our workforce is ready to take on these in-demand jobs of the future.” - Governor Tate Reeves

Nissan will be investing a total of $500 million into the new plant, creating 2,000 jobs for the economy. Actual production of future EVs won’t start until 2025, though. Regardless, the Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant is set as the site for production of two all-new, all-electric vehicles from Nissan Motor Co. It’s all in accordance with Nissan Ambition 2030, the electrified vehicle plan we mentioned above. The objective for Ambition 2030 is not only about designing exciting, electrified vehicles, but also new technological innovations. Like many automakers, creating an ecosystem of mobility seems to be the new thing. We saw a lot of this during the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show.

A Japanese automaker, Nissan also joins the goal for carbon neutrality and aims to do this across the company’s global operations and the life cycle of its products by 2050. Before all this happens, Nissan is attempting to change the game of EV batteries altogether. There are many different types of EV batteries, each with their pros and cons, and a lot of argument between EV automakers. Nissan claims to be developing its own all solid-state battery by March 2029, and this could be the first step to that carbon neutrality statement.

Even with the shift to EVs and most likely some plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), Nissan still wants to support their fans. With one last go at the pickup truck class before making alternative fuel vehicles the main focus, Nissan brought three new concepts to the 2022 Chicago Auto Show for the 2022 Frontier mid-size pickup truck. Each made for off-road driving, the concepts get more and more upgrades, from simple to advanced – Project 72X Frontier, Project Hardbody, and Project Adventure.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Nissan