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Nissan Soars Ahead of Schedule On Its Company-Wide Plans

Written By, Brad R

Growth in a brand is the only way to sustain and keep buyers motivated to keep them embracing production. For the Nissan brand, they know this experience all too well as the company has switched its mindset from producing lots of volume to producing value. Increasing responsibility for the brand and image was needed after Carlos Ghosn stepped down as CEO, and the Nissan brand excelled from day one. So much so the Nissan brand has advanced in the right steps to attain its goal. Let us share what the plans were and how far Nissan has come in 2021. 

Oh, the Right Stuff

With the intentions that Nissan has initiated as of last year, we recognize the “Nissan Next” project is quite ahead of its five-year plan. The Nissan Next design combines a cost-cutting measure with a huge range of product expenses to keep innovation at the forefront while focusing on what customers think of the brand. The actions put in place have been all the difference in helping the Nissan brand surge ahead in not only innovation but sales and stay ahead of the competition as well. Look at this statement in regards to its developments in this new look for the company.

“Despite the headwinds, we have pulled ahead of the recovery by one year,” Gupta, who’s leading the transformation, said during a video interview from Nissan’s headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. “We are much more ahead than what we said and that helped us in overcoming the headwinds of the pandemic in 2020.”

Growth From Within Nissan

The spark that led the Nissan brand to all the advancements the brand has seen both in its vehicles and prestige as a brand is evident. Even new car buyers know there aren't many EV options on the road, but the upcoming 2022 Nissan Ariya SUV EV will help Nissan gain more views and attention in a positive light. The newest Nissan product presents a sleek design with modern innovation as the Ariya EVs are anticipated to arrive before the fall of 2021. The new vehicle will have a variety of colors including Aurora Green, Burgundy, Gun Metallic, Warm Silver, Pearl Black, Pearl Blue, Pearl White, Tinted Red, Ceramic Grey, and Akatsuki Copper. The number of perks that come with this vehicle includes the range customers are awaiting. 

“The most important thing is to change the culture from volume to value. For the last five years, we were running our company based on volume, and overnight we cannot change the culture from volume to value,” said Ashwani Gupta, chairman of Nissan’s board overseeing North America.

The New Focus of Nissan Going Forward

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