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Nissan Is About To Release A Ton Of All-New Vehicles Including the Nismo

Written By, Brad R

NowCar has seen the future of the Nissan brand with the preview of the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder. The next generation Pathfinder will surely be a hit when it comes out soon enough. The all-new Pathfinder is just the start on the largest changes headed to the Nissan brand. Soon enough of the many upgrades coming from the Japanese brand. Nissan is advising purchasers of their current vehicles to stay tuned to the continuous improvement arising with the next generation of Nissan vehicles. The world will see the ensuing unveiling with the Japanese automotive brand extending shoppers' attention to the new Nissan Z Nismo. This new vehicle is set to arrive for the first time on August 17th, 2021. The Z Nismo is debuting in the presence of people at the Tokyo Auto Salon and looks to formally hit dealerships by March 2022 next year. Let's glance at some of the newest moves that Nissan has taken and where the brand has found success in this new decade and for the coming years. 

Nissan Driving Sales Way Up In 2021 

The latest Nismo renderings have the sport's color holding a smooth, nearly seamless appearance to its exterior design. The doors and exterior blend into each with a lustrous touch. The Nissan brand has two sports cars in the 370Z and GT-R that simply sold 99 models between the two so far halfway through 2021. We can presume the Z Nismo to motivate sales up and the Nissan brand isn't in turmoil. They have gained customers with a large 73.8 percent increase in transactions from April 21st, 2021 to June 21st, 2021 compared to the same time last year. That improbable increase in sales is widely due to the COVID-19 pandemic ending, but for the first six months of the year, the expansion is a solid 39%, so there's some more to the story than just the pandemic reaching its breaking point. 

Tomorrow Is Sooner Than We Think For New Generation

Sales were great the first three months in 2020 for all the uppermost Japanese automotive brands, but in particular Nissan. The rise for 2021 showcases how Nissan has endured to stay ahead and draw attention to its brand. We will see this in the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder that is waiting to come out. Building on the perks offered in the recently refreshed 2021 Rogue model year, we can foresee some additional twerks and increased luxury in the newest Pathfinder as well. The future for the Nissan brand starts with this 2022 Nissan Pathfinder however. We are also looking to the brand to propel to the first ever Nissan Ariya EV coming in 2022. For more information and wondering if owning a new Nissan is the right choice, we definitely think its the right move. 

More on the Upcoming Nissan Vehicles

We can't say enough good things about the upcoming Nissan products. We aren't sure about why the upcoming Rogue, with its next-generation receiving improvements in terms of design and improved off-roading abilities, is going to carry a CVT transmission paired with its engine. The naturally-aspirated 2.5-Liter powertrain delivers 181 horsepower and 181 lb-ft of torque, mated to a continuously variable transmission, is what will be found in the Rogue, but perhaps there will be more to learn about in the coming months. We are fans of the newest Nissan Leaf (we learned more about the first Nissan EV just recently). For those looking for more information on Nissan products, stay tuned with our help. We look ahead to more new possibilities to offer our customers. We are happy to assist our customers at NowCar.

Experience the Newest Nissan Vehicles With Our Help

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