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Most Affordable Subcompact Cars of 2016

Written By, NowCar Team

If city living has you feeling suffocated these days, there’s any easy way to change that. Get into a subcompact car and take yourself away from it all. Subcompact cars have been making a return to the compact car segment and they’re looking better than ever these days. With so much emphasis placed on fuel economy and social responsibility, the subcompact car segment is growing and turning into a real market for young, city-dwelling professionals who desire the ability to get away at a moment’s notice but in a vehicle that’s smart on gas mileage and small enough to fit in any parking garage. And it couldn’t possibly be any easier because the best way to buy a car is also the best way to find it: online. Of course, these days everyone does their searches online and now it’s becoming just as easy to buy your next car online, as well.

You’ll notice this list is not only of subcompact cars, but there are also some EV, or electrical vehicles. Whether hybrid or plug in, they offer something unique, be it a surprising amount of space, fuel economy or style. Let’s look at some of the best and most affordable subcompact cars of 2016.

Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo

Having updated for the 2016 model year, this Smart Car is designed as a “city car” and comes with a long list fantastic new items like a whole new drivetrain that includes a turbocharged engine and an all new dual clutch transmission. Enhancing the transmission are two new drive modes which allow you to choose your experience. Eco mode, which will maximize fuel economy and Sport Mode which offers responsive driving and smooth shifting. A real-world estimate of combined fuel economy is roughly 35 mpg. All Smart cars are designed to integrate with your cell phone through a Smart Cross Connect app that includes navigation, tunage, updates on your speed limits and fuel consumption. Be as European as you’d like for $15,640.

Chevy Spark

Chevy Spark

Having won Kelley Blue Book’s “5 Year Cost to Own” Award puts Chevy’s Spark ahead of its competitors in this newly competitive segment. As a fuel efficient small car, the Spark has recently been upgraded to offer wifi technology including OnStar and a 7-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity. Its capacity to fit four adults is a bit surprising, but comfortable and when considering its fuel economy is the highest at 41 highway mpg, it’s no wonder fans are jumping into their own. Starting at $12,660 it’s easy to fall in love with all the Spark has to offer.

Toyota Scion IQ

Scion IQ

Subcompact cars are designed for a special market. This market generally consists of young urban dwellers who live support a minimalist lifestyle, well at least in their cars. The Scion IQ is exactly that car. Taking a serious minimalist approach to the interior as well as exterior, it surprisingly lacks neither style or design. Fans and critic alike are impressed with its ability to make function look so good. Loaded with new technologies that include an infotainment interface with a 6-inch touchscreen, pioneer stereo, leather steering wheel and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s enough to impress any techie. Another impressive feat is 16.7 cubic feet of trunk space available in the Scion IQ. The 1.9L 4 cylinder engine offers a combined 36 mpg and starts at $16,465.