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Most Affordable Compact Cars of 2016

Written By, NowCar Team

Compact Cars have easily become a very hot market lately as gas prices have continued to rise. When the affordability of compact cars means saving hundreds every year in fuel economy, why wouldn’t you switch to a smaller vehicle that brings you efficiently from point A to B? Compact cars are great for single people living in cities who need to be able to zip around town without worrying about tight parking spaces or small garages. Compact cars also offer the best new car prices of any out right now and because of their demand have been upgraded to include a whole host of technological updates.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit Compact

Powered by a 4 cylinder engine that has plenty of power, the Honda Fit does exceptionally well with driving in urban landscapes. It’s fuel economy is an outstanding 33/41 city/highway mpg and delivers a composed driving experience. Unusually spacious for the interior, driver and passengers alike are impressed with the leg and headroom that is present in the Fit. Even more impressive is the extra cargo room that isn’t at all expected but well received. Described as “small but mighty” and “the complete package”, the Honda Fit fits right into your compact car space three blocks away from your front door for only $15,790.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Compact

Sounding like a party already, the Fiesta offers sporty drive and handling while the interior appointments feel a bit more refined and updated. Taking advantage of Ford’s EcoBoost engine lineup, the Fiesta does a great job keeping a peppy and alive engine properly motivated to complete the day’s tasks while staying within fuel efficient range (27/37 mpg). Offering only two or four-door configurations, all three trim levels are available, but none exceed the $15,000 price tag.  

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent Compact

Another small but mighty description applies to the 2016 Accent as well, though in this situation it’s describing the highway power. Powered by 4 cylinder engine with a six-speed manual or automatic, highway acceleration is nothing that is going to slow this Hyundai down. Cargo space in both the hatchback and sedan configurations is ample and provides more room than others in its class. If you’re hoping to save money by driving a vehicle that costs little to repair, fix and maintain as well as providing excellent fuel economy, the Accent can be your for as little as $14,745.

Chevy Sonic

Chevy Sonic Compact

Besides making full and midsize pickups and SUVs, Chevy really does small cars very well. I could’ve used up all my slots on Chevy’s economic and compact powerhouses. The Sonic, sticking true to format, offers limited trims and comes in pricewise at a very low cost to the customer, because where it shines is in its performance and fuel economy. Getting an EPA estimate of 40 mpg on the highway, the Sonic isn’t going to cost you more than $15K. Once you get comfortably to and from work enough to realize this is a great little car, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t considered Chevy for your smaller car choices before.