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Mercedes-Benz Greatly Improves S Class For 2021 Model Year

Written By, Brad R

Mercedes-Benz has the new S-Class coming out on September 2nd, 2020. The details that have emerged include details of the engine options, incredible interior perks, and the latest technology used by Mercedes-Benz to make driving better than ever before. Mercedes-Benz hosted a group of media members to enjoy a ride in the new 2021 W223 S-Class. We're happy to report that these details are confirmed and expected to surprise our readers with delight. Details have come out about the improvements in the 2021 E Class, but now the word is out with the S Class.

How Many Engine Options For the S Class?

The returns from those rides include many curious questions about everything Mercedes-Benz cooked up in the kitchen; three powertrain options including a base engine that offers 429 horsepower with the additional 21 horsepower that can come from the Mercedes' EQ Boost mild-hybrid system. The S 500 formerly offered a now-removed 329-horsepower, 3.0-Liter V6 engine. The entry-level S 460 has the new 3.0-Liter V6 inline powertrain and owners can opt for the S 580 with its 462 horsepower twin-turbo V8 (which also gains 20 horsepower with the EQ Boost System) and the top draw is something special. The Stuttgart engineers have crafted the best-selling full-size luxury sedan powertrains and have saved the best for last with the S 580e plug-in hybrid that is slated to offer 500 combined horsepower. This is a growth of 31 horsepower from the previous model year. 

Breaking Down the E-Motor Tech

The output originates from its 3.0-liter inline-six set at 362 horsepower and an additional 140-horsepower from its e-motor. Torque holds steady at the same 516 pound-feet as the S 560e, but the 28-kWh battery in the 2021 PHEV should be adequate for a range of 60 miles on solely electric power; this is a return of more than double the sedan's current EV range. Past the S class models mentioned are the Maybach and AMG models. The former sticks with a V12 for its S 650 trim. The latter will give customers the choice of an S 63e with around 600 hp, and an S 73e with figures north of 800 horsepower. 

Additional Changes Inside and Out

As far as the S Class vehicles exterior changes, the standard, and long-wheelbase cars will carry longer wheelbases. Mercedes will manufacture a rear-wheel steering standard throughout the range to help with making a smoother experience for owners. The interior gains some nifty changes including the optional E-Active Body Control hydro-pneumatic suspension that first arrived on the GLC. This system can individually raise a wheel over a road imperfection, or lift the entire vehicle 3.2 inches when sensors detect a side impact so that the side rails take more force instead of the doors. The seating is built with 17 individual motors, and the seat controls on the doors no longer move but are capacitive and allow more precise adjustment. The vehicles are at Level 3 autonomy, and this ability for the car to move itself to the side of the road, plus new sensors in the steering wheel rim that present any detection of a hand on the steering wheel. 

Mercedes-Benz Offers Luxury Unlike Any Other Brand 

The cabin is quieter thanks to a more sound deadening and a U-shaped, double-walled engine bay. Sensors in the cabin recognize occupants based on either voice, fingerprint, or facial recognition, and know which seat they're in. Ambient lighting is used to communicate, with a section above the center screen which glows when an occupant addresses the car, or another section of lighting in the door which illuminates to signal approaching traffic that and an occupant is about to open their door. These are the perks that can only be found in brand new, high-quality luxury vehicles. What does the future of car shopping look like? Does The shopping experience change just because you buy virtually? While buying online might be new for some buyers, and we hope to make you feel comfortable in that environment, we have offered our services at NowCar for years to extend new vehicles to all our customers.  

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