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Mercedes-Benz Pushes Greater Safety Features With 2021 E-Class

Written By, Brad R

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe will provide a new way for customers to enjoy the perks of a safer commute. New unique features have been added to surround the driver with a completely sophisticated way of maintaining safety on the roads. This article is about how Mercedes-Benz has offered available safety features and how its implantation increases safety measures that will help make driving safer for owners and everyone on the road. We will focus on some of our personal favorite measures added to the luxury brand's latest effort, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe. 

Step Into the Luxurious and Safest E-Class Ever

The steering wheel has been updated to know if a driver is touching the steering wheel or not. Technology like this could help prevent an accident as the minute steering changes will be able to allow automatic cruise control (if a driver selects this option) that can work if a driver isn't paying attention. This new steering wheel system has a dual-zone capacitive touch sensor mat directly added to know if a driver is maintaining control. This is new as the previous best this tech could offer before this technology was only by steering wheel movement. The system will now have an actual ability to gauge if a driver is really paying attention or not. 

Active Brake Assist and Blind Spot Warning Features Improve

Another massive upgrade for drivers to embrace is the safety system can now allow the E-Class Coupe with Active Brake Assist. This feature will be standard for E-Class Coupe owners. Cross-traffic breaking intervention will hold a vehicle back from going into oncoming traffic. This works at a spotlight if a driver is making a left turn and doesn't notice a vehicle moving closer to their vehicle. This can help save lives and owners from costly, unnecessary crashes. The cross-traffic braking intervention is an option owners can turn on, just like the Blind Spot Warning that now beeps.

For drivers that are creeping into another lane, they will see a flashing signal as well as a noise to help them pay attention to the vehicle they might have missed in their blind spot. A noise is also added when the E-Class is parked, it can tell if anyone opening a door will hit another parked vehicle or a person walking by, or someone passing in another vehicle or bicycle, for example. The system will last for up to three minutes after the vehicle is turned off as well. 

Looking For A Parking Spot? It Just Got Easy

One nifty feature that anyone would love is the ability to just drive into a parking garage and be able to find a place to park quickly, without having to waste much time only looking for an open space. Mercedes-Benz thought of that fix, too for the upcoming E-Class. Aside from being able to park neatly without any assistance from the driver, now the E-Class offers its cameras to spot parking lines to spot a parking spot without any cars around it so it can not only park, but save drivers the trouble of looking hard for a new spot. The E-Class Coupe and Convertible was first shown to the world in a video launch debut on May 27th, 2020. The expected cost is unknown at this time, but for all things Mercedes-Benz, check us out on NowCar.

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