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Jeep Volta Charging Station

Jeep and Volta Charging Stations Raise Awareness for 4xe Models

Written By, Jordan R

Anyone who has been to a gas station recently has at least once seen those new stations with displays built in, often playing an ad tailored for that gas station brand. Some of us may have even watched out of sheer boredom while at the pump. Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations don’t usually have this luxury, but that changes with Volta Industries, Inc. (“Volta Charging”). These EV charging stations read a diversified audience of more than 70 million consumers, usually running campaigns for brands that result in positive results in brand awareness and increased sales. To spread awareness about the growing Jeep 4xe models, Jeep has entered into a partnership with Volta Industries to run two different ads, depending on the weather.

“Drivers nationwide are ready to make the change from gas to electric-powered vehicles, and supporting the Jeep brand in the launch of one of its new and highly anticipated electric vehicles is another example of the large infrastructural shift of electrification of mobility…Partnering with the Jeep brand to promote the Jeep Wrangler 4xe on Volta Charging’s network of stations and its media platform, located where consumers already go, will help to prove the accessibility of EV adoption.” - Scott Mercer, founder and CEO of Volta Charging

Although plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) aren’t as new concepts as they were years ago, many consumers and markets are still slow to make the change. People really like their internal gas combustion engines, and a lot of people fear never stopping to charge up the battery when gas stations are still much more common, leading to a waste on buying a car with a large battery and an electric motor. Until gas stations start to fuse the two together and install EV charging stations as well as gas pumps, consumers are left to find EV charging stations on their own or use apps like PlugnShare. Some PHEV and EVs are starting to come with built-in apps for locating nearby charging stations to ease those fears of potential consumers.

For those on the cusp of making the switch, a nice advertisement can go a long way. Through the use of Volta Charging’s dynamic weather-based ad capability, the 55-inch displays will play one of two creative ads from the Jeep Brand. Let’s say it’s a clear sky, and a sunny day – the Volta Charging station plays an ad of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe with the top down, riding around and showing off the newest model to join the 4xe lineup, and ends with the tagline, “embracing nature has never felt more natural”. If that doesn’t work for you, on cloudy and rainy days, a different ad plays, this one dedicated to the original Jeep Wrangler, with the tagline, “charge ahead and take on the elements”.

If you’ve never heard of these Volta Charging stations, that’s because there are only 14 in South Florida, versus the 374 (the most so far) in southern California, plus the 169 in north Cali. Given those numbers, the new Jeep brand campaign videos will be playing in select California markets on Volta’s charging stations throughout July 2021. Bummer.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis Media