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How New Platforms Will Help Jeep Gain Global Sales

Written By, Brad R

Stellantis showed the world this summer their first battery-electric vehicle platform Wednesday, one that company leaders remarked would power future Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. Known as the STLA Medium platform, this is one of four that the automaker has put forth massive efforts towards producing. Each owner will gain a ride that carries too-notch electric ranges of more than 435 miles using the new 400-volt electric vehicle architecture. This is welcomed news that allows for drivers to enjoy premium EV tech across multiple body styles that would include cars, crossovers and SUVs.

“Owners will be able to take their battery from 20% to 80% charge in 27 minutes, a rate of 2.4 kWh per minute, outstanding in terms of off-roading,” Sebastien Jacquet, Stellantis cross-carline and project engineering senior vice president, said during a news conference, highlighting the connection to future Jeeps. The platform will be constructed out over in Europe, beginning in 2023, where all efforts are to add compact SUVs, and it will also be used in multiple brands there, according to CEO Carlos Tavares.

Strengthening the Platform and Brands Globally

The Stellantis platform will be produced in France, Italy, Germany and multiple places in North America. Those at Stellantis are making moves to strengthen their platforms and businesses across the globe. The specific North American locations were not revealed. There will be additional global locations to be added in time. Tavares has said this will be a “global platform for a global market,” which he described as a good thing for Stellantis.

“This is important for us because now we are going to compete on the performance, of course, on the pricing and, of course, on all the attributes that relate to quality, manufacturing and innovation. So we are now entering a highly competitive product, and we are going to make sure we can fight against any competitor that you could imagine,” Tavares remarked.

Pushing Ahead In the World Market

As we have now learned, Stellantis will offer vehicle segments, C and D, in which the platform would be used to represent the worldwide competition, not just from Tesla, Tavares said, but also from automakers from China as well. Those vehicles amounted to 35 million total sales in 2022. Those figures represented “nearly half the 78.5 million vehicles sold globally that year. Today, Stellantis brands offer as many as 26 vehicle nameplates in those segments on a variety of platforms,” Stellantis remakes, noting that up to 2 million vehicles per year can be built on the platform in the coming months and years ahead. 

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