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How Far Ram Has Gone To Push the Upcoming Ram Revolution

Written By, Brad R

What will the future of the Ram pickup look like? We won't have to wait very long to find out. Ram CEO, Mike Koval Jr., delivered news in an interview with the Detroit Free Press that Ram is aiming to display the Ram Revolution concept the day before the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show. This news serves as a shock, considering the presentation is set for a rapidly coming November 16th, 2022 date. This is all thanks to the massive efforts put by Stellantis to create these new vehicles. 

We Are Hyped For the Ram Revolution 

As the reveal will occur soon, we are examining via teaser images displayed prematurely this year to gain some further insight since the CEO wasn't sharing much more news. We can spot an illuminated grille badge framed by newly added Y-shaped headlights. The front fenders and rear quarters seem to be flared under a narrow conservatory, giving the truck a sporty appearance. The edgy rear end features the illuminated Ram badge. They look different than the L-shaped taillights. We still await the official release scheduled for two months from now when the definitive design will be part of the last production version. For now, the concept pushes a predominantly aggressive impression and the engine power expected to be added is further proof. Koval Jr. did not convey any details about the truck concept but said that Ram will “push past” its rivals. The Revolution concept might ride on the STLA Frame platform of other new platforms being used by Stellantis, the parent company of Ram, Jeep and Dodge. This profound architecture can acclimate up to 200-kilowatt-hour batteries that produce a driving range of up to 500 miles. Not to mention, on top of the savings there, perhaps certain tax credits will be made available for owners in the future

Investing In Batteries Than Are Next-Gen Powerful

To accommodate such large batteries, cars on the platform measure between 220.5 and 244.1 inches (5.60 to 6.20 meters) and will have 400V or 800V technology. The electric motors begin at 201 horsepower and can deliver up to 443 horsepower. The all-wheel drive version of the vehicle can actually combine two of these electric motors to generate an output of up to 885 horsepower. For Ram, this rendition could be an all-electric Revolution TRX that we see drive to the showcase in less than two months from now. For those who want to start the buying process, check with us at NowCar. We are ready to show off our vehicles as we cater to our customers everywhere. Ram owners, get ready for a fun fall!

Drive the Latest Stellantis Brands From NowCar

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