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Future Of Car Buying Is Negotiation Free

Written By, NowCar Team

Sleazy Car Salesman

What?! Yes, you read that correctly. No need to adjust your computer screen. The future of car buying will be happening predominantly online which will eliminate the need for negotiating.

Well, why is that?

As we head into a future where you can purchase anything from toilet paper and arugula to trampolines and sporting equipment online, we find ourselves heading into an economy where the marketplace isn’t what it has always been.

We’re so used to going to an actual brick and mortar building that to think of shopping in a totally different way means we get to redefine what the marketplace actually looks and acts like. We are living in an exciting time where get to make the rules.

But, what does this have to do with cars?

Well, have you thought about what shopping for a car online instead of at a dealership would be like? I know it sounds a little crazy as it wouldn’t be the tangible experience you’re used to, but it would also means plenty of other things like no pushy salesmen and no all day affairs just to test drive cars.
Let’s face it, no one looks at car shopping as an endearingly pleasurable experience. You know that you’re going to be most likely giving up your precious Saturday or Sunday to be pushed into cars you may not want to even consider looking at.
There will be paperwork. There will be negotiating. There will be trips to other dealerships. There will be more negotiating.

Do I really need to continue?

What if I told you, you can do all the shopping, ordering and buying process online and have it delivered to your house with no negotiating, no settling for a car you don’t want and all with no hassle?! Sounds nice right?

That’s what websites like can do for you. They are working to redefine the car shopping experience so it’s not the unpleasurable experience it so often can be, today. You already do all your car research online anyway. Now, why don’t you finished the experience online, as well?

Wait, but I’ve finally honed my negotiating skills. What now?

Well done, but they won’t be needed here and you’ll be glad to hear why. NowCar has a specific plan to offer prices that are already lower than dealerships. Using nationally recognized pricing tools, NowCar has come up with a custom algorithm which offers you the lowest price possible, eliminating the need to negotiate.