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Dodge Will Win the Long-Term EV Race

Written By, Brad R

Dodge saw a slew of their rivals make some short-term noise during this month’s Super Bowl, also known as an annual A-list commercial event . Dodge is ready to pounce later this year with an electric muscle car that will be a first for the automotive industry. Some brands are trying to put a new EV vehicle out there, a common error of hoping to enrich their portfolio without making a real impactful launch. Dodge is setting up the timing for the release of their brand new muscle car; the first of its kind. As their focus to put together this industry first muscle EV, they knew the brand would have to have customers learn they were not removing any horsepower just for the sake of an electrified power. 

"The electrification movement, the infotainment movement, the autonomous movement -- it's getting more interesting. You look at it as a mature industry but it's actually quite the opposite. It's evolving more than ever. The current suite of EVs out there tend to be a little bit bland and uninspiring -- great performing vehicles but not necessarily heart-pumping in the cultural or aesthetical sense. So trying to find a way to make them desirable and affordable," said Ralph Gilles, Chief Design Officer of Stellantis

Speculation Grows Ahead of Concept Reveal

As of February 2022, the nameplate for the electric muscle car is unknown, but a Challenger or Charger nameplate is an expected choice for name recognition. Whichever comes first, we will see. Dodge sales are doing better than ever after leading all other muscle brands in 2021. Stellantis is moving all their respective brands towards an electrified push. By spring time next year the portfolio for Dodge will look vastly different than what we offer now. Dodge could offer vehicles with range extending trims, which would be an industry first as well. That’s the path fellow Stellantis brand Ram is making by giving customers a leg up on the competition. For those who know their daily drives are shorter, they might be interested to opt out of the less range effective trim offering. The details are yet to be fully revealed for the next generation of Dodge vehicles, but they are bound to renew the dominance Dodge has started this decade establishing. 

Make A Move To Drive Dodge

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