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Consumers Say They’d Consider Buying Cars Online

Written By, NowCar Team

Looking At New Car Bought Online


Times are certainly changing. Consumers no longer have to deal with long lines for Christmas presents, as they can make all of their purchases online. They no longer have to load all of their groceries in and out of their vehicle, as they can now be delivered to your front door.

So, with all this technology that makes shopping considerably easier, would consumers be interested in making their car purchases via the internet?

The answer is a resounding yes.

If you've been looking to buy a new car online, see why you're not alone…

A recent survey by Accenture (via Chris Woodyard of USA Today surveyed 10,000 consumers (including 1,000 in the United States) to get a feel for their automotive buying habits and preferences.

The results showed that three out of every four drivers would "consider" buying a vehicle entirely on the internet. 80% of those polled said they already refer to some sort of digital technology when they're making a car purchase, and 62% said they're "initiating" the process via the web.

Consumers from the United States, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy and Japan were polled for the survey.

Researchers also concluded that U.S. drivers are interested in sites that show car comparisons, while Chinese drivers want a website that will provide them with "instant access" to information about a target vehicle.

As Woodyard notes, the results show that potential car buyers are less interested in hanging around a dealership and haggling over the price of a vehicle. Instead, they'd rather complete the entire process from the comfort of their couch.

Interestingly, solely purchasing online would eliminate the process of giving a vehicle a test ride, which is widely considered an important part of the process. However, about half of those polled said they'd be interested in a "virtual test drive."

"The impact of the digital customer is becoming pervasive, disrupting the traditional car-buying experience and the competitive landscape," said Christina Raab, global managing director for Digital Consumer Services in Accenture's Automotive practice.

"This is clearly supported by the fact that many would consider conducting the entire car-buying process online.”

The news may not be particularly surprising, especially since we've seen the market slowly switching to the internet. In fact, many dealerships already give customers an option of making purchases online, although we can presume that those polled were envisioning more of an online marketplace.

Regardless, it's clear which way the industry is trending. If you're one of the consumers who'd be willing to purchase a vehicle online, head over to Not only can you design your ideal car, you could also have it delivered to your front door in no time!