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Chrysler Releases Special Edition Pacifica For Autistic Passengers

Written By, Brad R

Chrysler is truly hoping to allow buyers to celebrate that they have made the ideal selection with their purchase. That’s the truth for customers of the 2023 Chrysler Pacifica who want to offer rides with their autistic passengers who require a different experience being inside a minivan. Chrysler has worked closely with the Autism Society of America to create a new special vehicle package that is built to help those with autism feel more at peace with a calm, safe and enjoyable experience while riding in a Pacifica. Keep in mind, new models set to be added to the brand's lineup, but this is a special package fit for the Pacifica only at this moment.

Owners of the Pacifica Gain More Than Peace of Mind

While many passengers can already attest to the perks of being in one, the experience is different for those with autism. The roads appear smoother with perks that aren’t lost for the average driver, but this package goes further with their “Calm Cabin package”. First shown at the New York International Auto Show. The Limited trim offers features branded Autism Society as a top-notch choice that works alongside specialty package attributes. "At Chrysler, we believe it's no longer enough to be 'aware' of the millions of people living and thriving with autism, we must put acceptance into action. We're proud to offer life-enriching opportunities for individuals with autism and their families with initiatives, such as our new Calm Cabin package, that bring a little harmony to people's lives, whether they are on a long road trip or running a quick errand,” remarked Chris Feuell, Chrysler brand chief executive officer.

Keep This In Mind With Autism, Chrysler Support

Today, about one in 36 children are autistic and many people, oftentimes adult women, are not aware of their difficulties socially and emotionally and this might be the reason. As many as 5.8 million people in the U.S. have this condition. Not that owning a Pacifica with this special package will change the condition, they will be able to enjoy the items Chrysler added to assist their specific triggers that often make those with autism react differently to being in a confined space.

Organized and neat, the Pacifica provides the experience that won’t spark unnerved sensations by aggravating surroundings. Chrysler for this reason includes a seat-back organizer with adjustable straps, a rechargeable and cordless Bluetooth meditative light and sound therapy machine, velvety seat belt sleeve, soft touch pillow and weighted sensory blanket (seven layers, 12 pounds). The sound machine rests in the center of the organizer and features as many as five LED color modes, four light therapy modes, a breathing coach and 15 sound therapy modes. The pricing has not been released, but these unique packages are coming late this spring.

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