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Chrysler Is Prepared For EV Rollout

Written By, Brad R

This week Stellantis shared their growth of a 14% annual rise in first-quarter net revenues. This provides a sense of ease for those wondering about the current state of the semiconductor supply chain; they’re back and this boosted shipments.

The Dutch-headquartered automaker, put together in 2021 from the merger of the Italian-American platform of the Fiat Chrysler group and France's PSA Groupe, secured first-quarter net revenues of $52 billion. When we look at the combination of brands represented by stillness we see the overall bigger picture of where their electrified vehicle plans currently stand. 

Year-Over-Year Growth Signals Promise

Stellantis has put their engineering teams to the test and worked towards major improvements to their brands of Jeep, Dodge (and it’s growing muscle family), and other brands and said the growth in numbers pulls from shipments of 7% from the first quarter of 2022 to 1.48 million. That number should only continue to improve with each year.

There was an "improvement in semiconductor order fulfillment. Our global footprint and diverse product portfolio means we are well-positioned to continue delivering strong financial performance throughout the year," Stellantis Chief Financial Officer Richard Palmer said in a statement. 

Incoming EVs Arriving With the Quickness

We all know that EVs have already begun to roll out across the automotive landscape. Stellantis has put together a new vehicle inventory that came in at 1,302 units as of the end of March, which the company said reflected a return to "more normal levels after a multi-year period of materially constrained supply, due principally to unfilled semiconductor orders." For some brands, they are hitting the electric ground running. Ram is running their business just fine in 2023, thanks to greater sales from its expanding EV line-up. 

The robust beginning to 2023 has assisted Stellantis to confirm its full-year guidance. Global battery and electric vehicle (BEV) sales grew 22% from the first quarter of 2022, with Stellantis aiming to launch nine new BEVs this year and lined up to craft as many as 47 electrified rides by the conclusion of 2024.

Keep in mind that Stellantis has brands like Jeep, Ram, and Chrysler, all of those we carry at the NowCar. We are ready to show off our vehicles as we cater to our customers everywhere. Ram owners, get ready for a fun summer.

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