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NowCar Chrysler Halcyon Tease

Chrysler Continues to Tease Out the Halcyon Concept

Written By, Jordan R

Back in February 2024, Chrysler introduced to the world its new Halcyon concept. A fully electric coupe, it was definitely a new look for the minivan automaker. A two-door battery-electric vehicle (BEVs) that has a sense of style that is futuristic and looks like a slick sports car, we were surprised, to say the least. Months later, and there has been no word on whether or not the concept ever got the greenlight or if it died along with the Chrysler Airflow. This past Memorial Day, Chrysler teased the Halcyon is still around on its Instagram page.

The post in question is a little confusing. We know for sure Chrysler is teasing the Halcyon based on the front wheel and front fascia popping out from behind the wall resembling none other than the original concept. There is also a guy in the picture, seemingly brooding over something. We’re not sure if it’s a “tough” look Chrysler is going for with this coupe-esque BEV of theirs, or maybe the guy blinked when they took the picture. Either way, it’s not a whole lot to go on. Basically, Chrysler doesn’t want us to forget about the Halcyon concept any time soon.

Just when we thought Chrysler was content to be a one-model automaker, the Halcyon concept came out. In 2023, Chrysler discontinued the Chrysler 300 sedan, and we were sad to see it go. We thought the decision was made to make room for other models, but near the end of 2023, Chrysler claimed it would forever be a minivan brand and would stick behind the Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid minivans as the models they are known for. It’s a pretty tight niche to stay in, but Chrysler is basically the inventor of today’s modern minivan. Plus, with more than 175 honors and industry accolades, why fix something that clearly isn’t broken?

Still, to stay relevant and keep up with the competition, Chrysler would eventually need to hop on board the all-electric train. Stellantis launched its Dare Forward business strategy in 2022, and announced the development of more than 75 new BEVs to be produced before the end of the decade. With a total of 16 brands making up the automobile group, there are plenty of models to go around. Ever since Dare Forward 2030 was announced, Stellantis has been busy designing new platforms like the STLA Large Platform, developing connected systems like Dodge Connect and Jeep Connect, and even developing hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles with Stellantis Pro One.

That all brings us to the Chrysler Halcyon. Not just fully electric, Chrysler claims the Halcyon will also be fully autonomous, but also have unlimited all-electric range (AER). Both of those sound unrealistic. There are a total of six levels of autonomy when it comes to self-driving car technology, and today’s modern vehicles can’t even get past level 4 autonomy. Maybe the $30 million Stellantis invested into turning its Chelsea Proving Grounds into an autonomous vehicle testing facility paid off, but if fully autonomous self-driving car technology was there, one would think one of the other 15 brands would have released a self-driving vehicle by now. And unlimited range? How is that even possible?

We’re not sure if the tease on Instagram is a hint that the Halcyon will soon have its big debut, or if it was just random social media clout. Either way, Chrysler made a lot of outrageous claims with this one, and we’re betting it bit off more than it could chew. More often than not, concept vehicles don’t match up with the final product. Just look at all the initial Kia Telluride concept promised back in 2017 and what it actually ended up with.

We’ll find out eventually. Stay in the know about the Chrysler Halcyon when you follow us on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Instagram/Chrysler