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NowCar 2025 Halcyon Concept

Chrysler Announces New Halcyon Concept

Written By, Jordan R

Chrysler is one automaker that seems to be indecisive at the moment. At the end of 2023, Chrysler announced it was working on a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) crossover, but also would be just fine as a one-model brand given how popular the Chrysler Pacifica minivan is. Popping up at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show with the Chrysler Airflow Concept, and then again at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show with the STLA SmartCockpit, what comes next is anyone’s guess. Just the other day, Chrysler announced a new BEV concept, an electric sedan with autonomous potential, the Chrysler Halcyon Concept.

Whoo, boy, this is one automaker that doesn’t like to be tied down. The Chrysler Halcyon Concept is ambitious in a world that is slow to move. The brand’s “Harmony in Motion” ethos for customer-focused user experience shows in the various modes the Halcyon can be activated to create a tailored environment got getting behind the wheel. The Prepare Mode users a Stellantis AI virtual assistant to connect with devices, analyzes weather conditions to manage drive-preferences, HVAC controls, and plans navigation routing with real-time traffic based on calendar appointments. Welcome Mode is for those of us who want a more personalized feeling with biometric identification, an Illuminated LED exterior lighting animation, personalized exterior sound features, and a greeting on the touchscreen display. These are just two examples of how to create a new user-experience.

“The Chrysler Halcyon Concept creates a level of serenity that fully represents the Halcyon name. The Halcyon showcases innovative and sustainable mobility solutions that embrace technology and offer value to customers while delivering Harmony in Motion…The Chrysler Halcyon Concept brings to life a fully electric tomorrow through new technology suites from Stellantis that integrate with simple and pure aerodynamic design and a seamless, connected and immersive cockpit experience.” - Chris Feuell, Chrysler brand CEO – Stellantis

Ambitious as heck, Chrysler wants to employ fully autonomous, wireless charging technology to the Halcyon. I don’t know what world Chrysler is living in, but the only place we’ve heard of that is in China. That kind of tech isn’t heard of in the rest of the world, although Stellantis is testing it with innovative Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) technology at the Arena del Futuro circuit in Chiari, Italy. When it comes to the U.S., we’re still trying to make BEV charging stations more readily accessible in cities and along the highway. Specially equipped, dedicated road lanes to wirelessly charge BEVs is a far cry from here.

As for style, the front fascia of the Halcyon concept dons the new LED-lit Chrysler wing logo and thin cross-car LED headlamps. Designed with aerodynamics in mind for better performance, the front air curtains help with that, along with the swept-back roof of the car and aero blades. The Halcyon looks like a two-door model, but an acrylic-tinted butterfly-hinged canopy serves as a third door. Inside, a stowable 15.6-inch console screen can be rotated to view information how the driver sees fit, and an augmented-reality full-screen head-up display (HUD) always keeps them aware of important driving information. Bringing classic features to the future, next-generation Stow ‘n Go seating tech will make its appearance with biometric identification and voice command capability.

We’re surprised the new concept isn’t a crossover. After discontinuing the Chrysler 300, perhaps the automaker was just making space for this BEV sedan. Want to keep up with Chrysler and learn more about the Chrysler Halcyon, scheduled to launch in 2025? Follow along with us on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis Media