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NowCar 2024 Electric Silverado Truck

Chevrolet Introduces the 2024 All-Electric Silverado

Written By, Jordan R

These days, automakers all over the world have made the shift to alternative fuel options – many have jumped the shark altogether, bypassing plug-in hybrid vehicles and going straight into all-electric vehicles. Dodge eMuscle comes to mind. Automakers that have been testing the limits of alternative fuel for years are finding what works and migrating to electric vehicles (EVs). Hyundai and Kia are some of the most well-known for their long lineup of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and EVs, including hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Chevrolet has also been tinkering, and gave Tesla a run for its money when the Chevy Bolt EV was released. Earlier this month, the new auto segment seeing an increase in competition is all-electric pickup trucks, and Chevrolet debuted its 2024 all-electric Chevrolet Silverado.

“Chevrolet has constantly revolutionized the Silverado franchise to make it the powerhouse it is today…The Ultium Platform is a critical enabler of next-level pickup truck performance for both fleet and retail customers, whether they are currently driving a Silverado or are considering a pickup for the first time.” - Steve Hill, vice president of Chevrolet

The specs are pretty nice, with an estimated 400-mile range for a completely electric work truck (WT). An RST edition will also be released, but more on that later. Built on a new body architecture for EVs, the available 24-module Ultium battery pack allows for two levels of power. The WT at launch will be able to offer 510 horsepower and 615 lb-ft of torque, able to tow up to 8,000 pounds and 1,200 pounds in payload. Following launch, a towing capability of 20,000 pounds will be possible with the max tow package.

Charging up this truck will be quick with DC fast charging capabilities of up to 350kW. In just ten minutes, consumers can get an extra 100 miles or so. Much better than the standard half-an-hour EVs have been known for. With access to Ultium Charge 360 (RST Edition) and more than 100,000 publicly available charging points in the U.S. and Canada, there is no reason to doubt finding a place to recharge when on the road. For even more capabilities, combined with the available accessory power bar, the Silverado EV’s PowerBase charging system offers up to 10 outlets and is powerful enough to power a personal home (with the proper equipment). Now that is powerful!

The RST Edition has its own special additions inside and out. Highlights include four-wheel steering, an automatic adaptive air suspension, Multi-Flex Midgate for additional cargo space without sacrificing rear passenger space, an available Multi-Flex tailgate with power release, available 24-inch wheels, Chevy’s Advanced Trailering System. Inside, a large, 17-inch-diagonal LCD freeform infotainment screen and an 11-inch-diagonal reconfigurable driver instrument display greet the driver with a multi-color head-up display, offering a field of view over 14 inches. The RST also comes with trailering-capable Super Cruise5, the industry’s first true hands-free driver-assistance technology, able to autonomously* drive the vehicle for more than 200,000 miles of compatible roads across the U.S. and Canada.

Available only in Crew Cab models and redesigned to offer more space, most passengers will be able to sit comfortably. Both models will come with a customizable first row storage area and the new eTrunk – a lockable, weatherproof compartment located at the front of the vehicle. The RST comes with a modular console able to act as a lunch cooler with a capacity of seven gallons. This model also features a fixed-glass roof, just over 9 feet of storage between the cab and the tailgate with the use of the aforementioned Midgate, and up to 10 feet, 10 inches of load floor and storage capability when using the aforementioned Multi-Flex tailgate.

There are also some cool bits of tech developed for this new electric pickup truck. The RST is going to be the fancy one, with a distinctive lighting animation that greets the driver when in proximity of the vehicle (key fob on person). Followed by a bold 3D animation displayed on the RST’s large 17-inch- diagonal LCD infotainment screen, the center console offers all the information a driver could want about their vehicle. The real powerhouse is the advanced software system that enables vehicle technologies to upgrade and enhance capabilities via the cloud and a new Linux-based software platform developed in-house by GM called “Ultifi”.

It sounds like some heavy competition, alright. We look forward to more news about this all-electric pickup truck and the models to come from other automakers with a solid foothold in the pickup truck market. Follow along with us on NowCar social media for more information.

*described as “hands-free” driving, may not be fully autonomous

Photo Source/Copyright: Chevrolet Media